Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Three Little Items Just in Passing

My urologist has prescribed gabapentin which is "an anti-epileptic drug, also called an anticonvulsant. It affects chemicals and nerves in the body that are involved in the cause of seizures and some types of pain." In my case it has been prescribed to help mitigate neuralgic pain. The bad news is that it doesn't seem to be working – not for that at least. 

However, an unintended but appreciated consequence seems to be that it has improved my sleep. I have been sleeping somewhat longer and have even slept for 8 hours twice in slightly just over a week. Seven hours has been common in that stretch, whereas it was somewhat rare previously.


I have recently both re-read and watched The Long Call by Ann Cleeves (not "of Cleeves" though that would be so satisfying to me). The re-reading was done by listening on Audible after originally reading it in the normal fashion some time ago.

It has also been released as a four-part series on Acorn. I know that some of you subscribe to Acorn, so I thought I would mention it here.

I liked both the book and the tv series, which maintained the integrity of the plot and characters while also adapting it for screen in the ways that they invariably do. The reasons for the alterations are not always clear to this man's poor excuse for a brain, but I am a muddled old fella anyway..

I recommend it. When Sue and I watch a somewhat disappointing mystery, or indeed any other blah tv program, we look at each other and say, "It's not Morse." Some of you will know to what program I am referring. It's an old fave and a precursor to Endeavour, currently playing, or about to be playing, on PBS. We didn't say that about The Long Call. And that, dear folk, is a pretty darn good recommendation.


When I did the [automobile] Boneyard trip last week (yes, I will be posting photos, but not today) I wore a very old pair of boots. They were hiking boots, but I used them as winter boots, even into last winter.

Well, because it had rained for the whole day previous to our visit, I expected the fields to be wet (they weren't very), I decided to wear the boots. I noticed no problem until I got back to the car and decided to put on my normal footwear. The boots were absolutely falling apart – both of them.

That's the second time that this has happened to me. On the other occasion many years past, I had spotted a pair of shoes that I had forgotten about in the basement. They were good shoes that I had liked, so I wore them to school (teaching) the next day. They completely fell apart, and I ended the day walking around school in my socks. Thanks goodness I hadn't yet developed bone spurs (plantar fasciitis) at that point. Now I seldom walk anywhere, even in the house, without some sort of footwear to cushion those spurs.

Not to worry about the loss of the boots, for I had purchased a new pair last winter.


Patio Postcards said...

We just started watching Shetland, another series from the library. I chose simply because the series are based on Anne Cleeves books & we SO enjoy the Vera series. I'll keep an eye out for The Long Call, although we do not subscribe to Acorn. Glad to hear you are getting some solid hours of sleep in - sleep as my Gran said, "cures all that ails you" or was that what she said about tea ... no matter, sleep is a great healer.

Jean Winnipeg said...

I was interested to read about Gabapentin. I was prescribed it for pain down the side of my face. The onset of pain had happened near the Christmas break and I had to go to a walk in clinic. I was fortunate that it worked almost immediately. I'm sorry to read it hasn't helped you. I had to time taking my pills and driving because it made me sleepy.

Because of this bout of exceutiating pain I got referred to a specialist, who was something of a character. I felt sorry for the other patients waiting, as he talked for along time and told me his life story. Including the story of how a distant relative of his became Anthony Armstrong Jones best man (Princess Margaret's husband).

I enjoyed Shetland and Ann Cleeves books. Morse is in a class oll of its own.

DJan said...

That's funny about the disintegrating boots. I think I need to check out that book series, it sounds interesting. :-)

Barbara Rogers said...

I've got issues with my heels having dry skin so much (and of course very hard like callouses) I was having cracks which were opening and hurt like heck...anyway some good moisturizer cream and wearing socks to bed has helped immensely. I hope I don't have to add one more task to my body care! Your shoes and boots falling apart is funny. I usually have some old things in the back of my closet, and I know my last pair of hiking boots has a place that has fallen apart. But my days of hiking are over...I sometimes wear them when walking in a more rugged area though! I'm grateful that my heel spurs eventually went away (back in my 50s).

Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

I've been meaning to ask you ... do you still play the violin? My son-in-law was just starting to teach himself (about 10 years ago) at the same time that you were writing about it. I am amazed that he has actually stuck with it and he's quite adept at it now.

Marie Smith said...

Neuralgia or sleep. Tough choice. At least some sleep is a good thing.

Red said...

I take an anti convulsive. It has some side effects with balance and depression. As for sleeping and pain control ...no effects.

Margaret said...

I'm not sure which service I need: Acorn or Brit box. I love Ann Cleeves and her series of mysteries. I also love Morse, Lewis and Endeavour. Shetland is excellent as well.

Rita said...

Just watched the miniseries The Long Call! thumbs up
I also have plantar fasciitis. Always wearing smething on my feet, too. :)

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

My husband and I used to watch Morse re-runs. It was one of our favorite series. Thanks for the book recommendation (The Long Call). I'll have to check that out.

Yes I agree with an earlier comment: really funny story about the boots. When I was teaching full time, one winter day I sent to school, dressing hurriedly, and slipped on a cardigan because of the cold weather. About halfway through the morning, I discovered moths had eaten holes in the elbows. A bit embarrassing to say the least.

Vicki Lane said...

We are going to try The Long Call after we finish Foyle's War (For the umpteenth time.) Glad to hear you recommend it.

Boud said...

My late husband had to take gabapentin for seizure control, and it definitely increased his sleep depth as well as time.

I loved the Shetland novels and the TV series. The actor playing the detective, name escapes me, was so well cast.