Thursday, November 18, 2021

Emojis, Humour, and Sui

I am a slow learner, I guess.

I swear I didn't know that you could put emojis in the Blogger comment section. Google made emojis available in blog posts some time ago, but I saw no way to insert emojis into comments.

One day, however, I was clicking the little mousie thingie at random when I happened to click the right mouse button just when my cursor was in the comment section. Well sir, up popped a little menu with Emojis at the top.  ==>

Why didn't someone tell this poor befuddled senior about this handy dandy little feature?

I mean to say that I know I can insert emojis on the tablet or phone, but I do most of my blog-related stuff on the computer, and I never realized that I had this option.

It is not that I am all that bigly on using emojis, but they're fun and useful from time to time. 

Upon further investigation, I found that I can do this anywhere.  I could even insert one right here šŸ˜Ž. 

I am happy and proud to have discovered this. šŸ˜Š


A few of you liked my humour on the Fall Back = Fall Apart post last week. Thank you, I try.

But you know what? Even though I can sometimes write humourously, I can't actually tell a good story. I can very seldom even tell a good joke. I can chirp in with humourous one-liners or puns, but that's about it. It turns out that I can only write a funny story but not tell one.

I guess I am a sui generis sorta fella. (see below)


Sui generis was a recent word of the day, and I just felt like using it. I thought I might even remember it if I actually employed the term once, but I suspect that I am deluding myself. 

It basically means unique although it tends to be used mostly in a legal context.


Sui you later, folks.


Marie Smith said...

I always learn something from you, AC. Always the teacher!

Barbara Rogers said...

Me too, no jokes or stories coming along here. Generis sui yourself...and here's tšŸ‘€o you!

Jenn Jilks said...

You are fun! Good for you. So much happens incidentally, or my kids tell me.
I can't see where to insert them here, not on my laptop. I can copy and paste them! šŸ‘€

DJan said...

I'm going to have to play with that feature myself! Thanks, AC!

Boud said...

I wish my phone wouldn't insert emojis all over when I'm trying to type words. Unless I keep a tight eye on the textbox, it's full of the damn things.

I'm only jealous because I'm so emoji challenged. Beyond hearts and party horns and smiles and applause, I need written footnotes.

Karen said...

šŸ˜ Good morning, thanks for the tip!

William Kendall said...

I'd say I lean more towards the peculiar than the unique side of that definition. ☺

Ed said...


Margaret said...

I got carried away. I too use my computer for blogging; it's too painful to comment on the cell phone. I'm like you in the joke telling; I'm funny with one liners or sarcastic quips. I don't have the delivery or memory for a full joke. Sui you later!

Marcia said...

Thought I found emojis but it doesn't show up that I selected one.

Marcia said...

Trying again to put in an emoji. Nothing! šŸ˜€. Oh, had to drag it into ccomments. Let's see if it stays.

Marcia said...


Red said...

I'm sure that there are many things just sitting on my screen that I know nothing about. But doesn't it make you feel great to find something like this.

Vicki Lane said...

That's a new one on me.šŸ˜®

Rita said...

Spell check! You found spell check for me! Thanks!!!! šŸ˜Š

Christina said...

I've seen other people using emojis on their blog but never new how to insert one myself. On the odd occasion that I wanted one, I would type it in WhatsApp (on my computer) and then copy and paste.... Thanks for showing me how to use emojis

Kay said...

I do love the emoji ability. Shucks! I wish I could add it to the comments too.