Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sue and the Grands

Well then ... I might as well keep going with my Sue theme for another post or two. Afterall, I did put 270 photos into a collection when I went hunting for possible collage inclusions. haha

These are all of Sue with her grandkids at various times. Once again, I couldn't seem to manage to get any of them into the birthday collage although I certainly tried with one or two, especially the two back+whites.

I am sure that most of these have been posted previously but what the heck.

Jonathan has very curly hair, but he keeps it well shorn now (see first pic for the shorn look).

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Youthful Sue

My previous post concentrated on pics of Sue in her early years. Today, I post her youthful years, some of which were spent with me.

Santa looks quite pained ↑ , doesn't he? But the reds match pretty well.

Her brother took the next two shots, sometime before we met. Once again, her mother can be credited with all of the clothing.

 The one above and the one below made it into the collage albeit in bw conversions.

I believe that one of these pics (above and below) was her first visit my meet my parents around 1967. Dad was quite taken with Sue from the getgo. Me too. :)

Dad was a "grower" which is the appropriate term for a greenhouse guy, a florist being more of an arranger if I understand the distinction correctly. We lived in a modest cottage right on the property, so this was literally just out our front door.

Final pics for the day, all taken in the early 70s. The final one was also in the collage. Shauna was born late in December 1972.

Taken at her parents' cottage in 1973.  Her dad worked for Toronto Hydro and
was seldom seen in anything but his 'hydro greens'.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sue's Birthday Collage

Well waddayano? I went away for a week but haven't posted for a month. To state the obvious, I haven't been in the mood.

But we had a birthday this week -- Sue's 68th to be exact -- which got me busy fussing with photos, both old and new.

I wanted to put together a chronological collage starting as a baby and progressing until the present. It took much finagling to get it to work out as some photos that I liked just didn't seem to fit that well.

Ultimately, I try to stay away from rows and columns when I do these blended collages as they don't make for the most pleasing arrangements, but I just couldn't seem to help myself this time around in order to maximize the chronological theme.

Anyway, I printed it on a 13x19 sheet and gave it to her on her birthday morning. She knew what I was working on, so it wasn't much a surprise, but she hadn't seen the arrangement or the actual photos that I had chosen.

Start at the top left and go around clockwise to get to the present.

Here are some of the young photos presented on their own. Some of them didn't make it into the collage due to lack of space. I am not going to put them in order this time around.

As we were going through them, Sue kept noting that her mother made the various outfits. She was a talented lady.