Sunday, July 15, 2018

Piano Time at Six AM

On occasion, I have coffee with two local senior photographers, like me. They are longtime good friends, but they include me every so often which pleases me.

Until just a few days ago, we last got together about two or three weeks prior. It was a last minute affair then, and we sat and gabbed at the coffee shop for four hours. They are both jolly good gabbers, which is great for me, for I am not.

Sue was getting beside herself as the four-hour mark approached because normal people don't usually have coffee for four ours — especially in the evening.

When she messaged me, maybe twenty minutes before the gabfest broke up to see if I was alright, I replied that I was. But I neglected to press SEND. Oh dear.

And then she called twice, but I was already in the car on the way home, so I couldn't answer. She was not in a good frame of mind when I got home. Apparently, she still loves me and was worried about what might have befallen me.

We had coffee again this week, on Saturday morning, for a more respectable hour and a half. During which time, we agreed to meet at six o'clock Sunday morning, to shoot in the quiet downtown.

I think the main goal was to photograph the two artfully painted pianos that have recently been left out in our little downtown. One was still covered because of rain the previous night, but the other is under a canopy, so it was accessible.

This sort of photography isn't my main interest, but one does what one can.

The guys: Bob and Nick in that order.

After we finished with our little shoot, we ... you guessed it ... went for coffee.

But, naturally, I took some other photos which I shall share in due course. Naturally.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

... Then I Have Not Done

Back in prehistoric times when I was in first year uni, our required English course was Major British Writers. In this survey sort of course, I found that I quite liked the poetry of John Donne, who played with words a little.

The first stanza of A Hymn to God the Father:
Wilt thou forgive that sin where I begun, 
         Which was my sin, though it were done before? 
Wilt thou forgive that sin, through which I run, 
         And do run still, though still I do deplore? 
                When thou hast done, thou hast not done, 
                        For I have more. 
You see the word play, don't you: Donne/done?

The line, in slightly modified form as above in the title, comes back to me every so often. For example: when I think I am done with a photo or photo project, I more often than not find myself returning to it.

So, it was earlier today that I found myself being drawn back to my recent Celtfest photos. I worked on a few composites and then a b&w conversion.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have seldom if ever seen bass fiddles at Celtfest; this year there was one in two consecutive bands.

I think I also mentioned  Anita McDonald if not by name. She was a triple threat as it were: vocals, fiddle, and step dancing.

The fiddler, Dave Neigh, of the headline band, Steel City Rollers, also drew my attention.

The mono conversion is of guitarist Ben Deschamps, of Heather Dale's Band. I tried to give it a bit of a gritty look.

I wonder if I am finally done, for I am most certainly not Donne.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Celtfest Candids

While I suppose that, technically speaking, all of my Celtfest shots are candids, here I distinguish between concert shots and crowd shots.

This man dances exuberantly every year. He'll dance alone or in a group. He encourages others to join in just by doing what he does.

Speaking of dancing, the kids did their part.

This exotic beauty was sitting only about 6' away, but I was able to sneak a shot without her knowing.

This fellow was checking his shots.

This nearby couple snuggled a bit but nothing offputting.

You can also do other things, particularly between acts while they are resetting the stage.

I liked this man's beard and look in general. I see that he brought or perhaps bought an extra hat.

This water station was running low by the end of the day, but there were other stations.

And there was m'lady, the colourful and somewhat flamboyant Susanne to complete the day. She was using the umbrella to block the rays of the low, setting sun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

More Celtfest Photos

I have some more random shots of various performers. The groups come and go all day, and I can barely keep track of them all and their names.

I don't think I've ever seen a bass fiddle (if that's the right word) at Celtfest, yet there was one in two consecutive groups. The first fellow was part of a bluegrass band. My opinion is that the bluegrass style doesn't mesh well with a Celtic venue. It's different and more laid back.

This young lady was a triple threat as a vocalist, fiddler and step dancer. We were sitting quite far from the stage, and I would just wander down for a few minutes to take a few photos, but she grabbed my attention, and I stayed close for quite awhile. One song that intrigued was in Gaelic. It was beautiful.

The next (and final couple) were part of one of the earlier acts. They are local and did a great job.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Steel City Rovers at Celtfest

Celtfest went for part of three days: Friday evening, mostly in pubs; Saturday at the park from 12 - 10PM; and Sunday afternoon.

We spent about 9 hours there on Saturday and decided that was enough for this year. We were missing our usual guests --Sue's sister and BiL -- and it just wasn't the same. I had no one to drink beer with, and Sue had no one to talk to.

The headline group of Saturday was the Steel City Rovers. I managed some shots although I didn't get much of the same quality of lighting as in previous years.

The vocalist along with the guitar player in the first shot.

The handsome and talented fiddler along with the other guitar guy in the first shot.

The drummer. All day I had been trying and failing to get a motion shot, but this one turned out alright.

A few more.

The stage.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Heather Dale at Celtfest

We got to Celtfest on the weekend, but I didn't luck out with any of those fine floodlight shots that I love to take. Either my timing or positioning was off: probably a combination of the two. Maybe next year.

Last year I barely bothered to take daytime shots because the lighting is so flat, but this year I took them anyway with the hope of getting some lighting effects in post. It worked to some degree, mainly with sunshine and glow filters.

Today I am posting Heather Dale, a marvellous Celtic-style singer. She has a great voice and gives so much in her performances.

While you look at the photos, you can play one of her songs if you wish: .

She travels widely through the US and Canada and is a delight if you ever get the chance to see her.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Final Bursts for this Year

If you will indulge me, I am going to post three more fireworks photos before I go sit in the corner and mumble softly yo myself.

For something to occupy my enfeebled brain as the heat continues unabated, I put together three more composites yesterday: a composite being the superimposition of at least one photo upon another. But the one that I posted yesterday still remains my favourite. Some combinations work better than others.

And this one from last year that I posted a few days ago, is getting a lot of notice on Flickr.

But here are the three that I composited yesterday.

I promise that this is it for fireworks for awhile. Meanwhile, some of you may see your own fireworks on The Fourth. Enjoy and have a great day in general.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Composites and Multiple Bursts

The heat wave from Hades continues unabated. I don't know what the feels like temperature really hit yesterday, but the forecast was for 44°C or 111°F. This is Canada, not Georgia, and that's just nuts.

So, we hardly poke our heads out except to give the flowers a drink and refill the bird bath. Meanwhile, we are watching a lot of Dalziel and Pascoe on Britbox, and we may be doing so for most of the week. Ugh! I am used to being trapped indoors during winter, but this is almost unprecedented.

We may go to our seniors falls prevention class this morning as this is the penultimate session before the long summer break. Besides, once we get in there it is air conditioned, so it shouldn't be too bad.

As you might expect, I've done a little more with the fireworks photos. I've done two composites, each or three photos. The first is no great shakes, but I am pleased with the second.

These next two, and final two for this post, may also look like composites but they of multiple bursts during the grand finale.

And that will do for now.