Monday, July 22, 2024

More from Athens

I would like to return us to Athens, for I have a few more photos to share. You have already seen murals and the fine old post office, but here is the other fine, old building.

I didn't get very close to it, but I could see that it now contains the police station and public washrooms, and I might assume some municipal functions.

Main Street looked typical a villages of this size with angled parking and older buildings with not-so-pretty storefronts at street level.

I decided to add those ↑ two photos since I have them, but I am really dropping this post in order to show the next two photos that appeal to me in some way.

This ↑ is a close-up of the poor, abused door that we see from across the road in the earlier photo. I like it as a photo subject but am glad that it is not my front door. I think it should find a resting place at Rideau Antiques with the hundred or so doors that are already languishing there.

I have already shown the ↓ mural in the previous post last week, but the adjacent property appealed to me. Right on Main Street, it was likely the home of a prominent citizen when it was advantageous to reside close to the town centre. I would think that it would still be considered to be a prime property.

Where shall Johnny and Susie go next? I can tell you that it will not be very far away.

Sunday, July 21, 2024

On the Lake

Danica (granddaughter) is at a lakeside cottage this weekend. Look at this picture of the moon rising and the sun setting at the same level in the sky. I don't think I've seen anything  like it.

This blue hour one is pretty good too.

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Rideau Antiques Revisited

It has been 7 years since we visited Rideau Antiques, and while I had no great desire to return, we were already out and about, and Sue thought that she could work it into her daily photo theme. She was to take a photo involving her on a thrift shop, or something like that. While Rideau Antiques isn't your typical thrift shop, I think it qualifies. So let us get that photo out of the way and then move on to post more photos of the establishment, for it is a very unique place. (Rideau is pronounced something like REEdough.)

This is the shot.

But this one shows the whole entranceway more fully.

Are you beginning to get the idea? This was one route from the parking area to the front door.

This is the other way round to the door (in the distance).

I took one shot inside from near the door before beating a hasty retreat, for it was hot in there and I had squeezed my way through it those seven years ago.

It's all like that, inside and out. Here is a photo from the front steps. Last time we visited, there was stuff in the barn across the road. We didn't check it out this time.

Sue composed a few composites, one outside and one inside.

But even these photos somehow fail to give the full scope, for it is a little mind-boggling to actually behold.

Believe it or not, it is organized. The proprietor knows where everything is. For example, there is a whole section of old doors, and there are many more than what I am showing here in these two photos.

I like the above door photos, and I also like the next (and also final) two as well. One could go on taking pictures here, but these will have to do for now, for we were on a trip and this was just one stop. Perhaps I should go back and photograph to my heart's content.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Neither Port, Nor Parthenon

We had planned this little getaway regardless, but we were fortunate that the high heat and humidity broke for the day. Our plan was to drive to Portland and then to Athens and perhaps on to Toledo. We did not get to Toledo, and we didn't see the port of Portland or the Parthenon on the Acropolis. In point of fact, we didn't see any of the acropolis. How disappointing!

Haha. You may recall that we drove the hour to Portland for breakfast at the Recess Cafe for Sue's birthday back in March. When I was looking for new (to us) places to visit, I decided on the village of Athens, a little more than an hour south of us. In our almost two decades here we hadn't explored that area. We began at the Recess Cafe in Portland., which, like the two American Portlands, is on the water: however, with no interesting harbour to explore.

As is custom, phone pics were taken across the table. I don't know which one I prefer, so you get two for the price of one.

An hour later we were on the road to Athens. There had been no particular reason to go, other than the name and that we hadn't been there yet.

There were murals on the Main street. Please excuse the finger in the first. I do that far too often on the phone. The murals depicted village life in the early 1900s.

As Sue contemplated her day's photo prompt, she decided that we should next go to Rideau Ferry, so I told Google to take us there and forego the plan to see Toledo. I'll bypass describing our  Rideau Ferry stop for this post and post more tomorrow, but once we were done with that place, I checked with GMaps and found that we were only 15 minutes from Perth where Shauna works and where Danica was also helping out on the Reception Desk for a half day.

What I will say is that, although I had brought all of my photo equipment for the day, I didn't get it out of the trunk once. For the kind of pictures available that day, the phone sufficed. This does not make me exceedingly happy, but it is how life is going right now.

Oh, and what I will also say is that the drive from Athens to Rideau Ferry was quite lovely for the rural roads that we were driving along were lined for mile after mile with Queen Anne's lace. Many stretches  also included blue chicory. What a treat!

Oh . . . and as a bit of an afterthought, here is Sue's breakfast photo of the perpetrator of this blog.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Miscellaneous Photos

Today, I will just drop a few pics in passing.

I have a folder for Blogger photos, but this one got stuck in there since the spring. I like it, so I'll post it and then delete it from the folder, as I will also do with the rest.

Another semi-forgotten pic from Easter weekend when I went to Ashton to pick up the church pies. It's just a bit different.

Just two evening ago, Sue needed a night photo. We went downtown where I snapped a number of photos. When I looked at them on the monitor, I trashed them all except this one of Sue shooting the man, Roy Brown, who shot down the Red Baron.

Yesterday, We took our morning stroll in the park and sat on this bench for a few minutes before heading back to the car.

While we were sitting there, a gull chanced by.

It is cooler today (TG!), and we are planning on a little local getaway for a few hours. Maybe I will have more photos to post tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Reprocessing Past Photos

As I have previously posted, my photography has been close to non-existent lately. Although I can more or less keep up this blog, I hadn't been posting much to Flickr. Then, I found a folder with photos that I had once posted but then reprocessed at another point in the past. I had stuck them in a folder and had promptly forgotten about them. Upon rediscovery, I decided to post them to Flickr. Then I thought that I could use them here too. I will post them in the sequence that I posted (or will post) to Flickr, so they are not in chronological order.

The first is of Danica, from April 2013. What an expression! That pouty look garnered the photo some notice on Flickr with more than 4.5K views.

Next in my Flickr posting came Sue and JJ sharing quite a funny moment in May 2014

I went to town on the processing of this next photo of JJ in the park. I think that I would call this fine art, but maybe that is too bold of me: September 2015.

At a family gathering in August 2015, I caught my BiL and his DiL shucking corn.

Also at the cottage in June 2013, I had a howling good time with Zeus. My BiL had three dogs over the time that we hung our together. Zeus was my fave. Sometimes when we were all at cottage on Sunday, the four adults would huddle up and begin to sing the doxology (for fun), and Zeus would join in a very wonderful pack howl. We began to call is the dogsology.

This was a very early (October 2004) digital photo with Sue's Canon Elph camera (I think). Once I was exposed to digital photography, I found that I preferred to use the little compact camera over my grand Canon SLR film camera. Soon after, however, I bought my first Canon DSLR Rebel. (Some photographers have stuck to film photography, but I find it hard to understand why.)

Brian aka Treebeard, emerging from the forest

The final photo is also of Brian from August 2016. Brian has a pretty interesting face for photography, and it is ok to process men in a grainy, textured way. Women, however, tend not to appreciate similar treatment.

That is what was in the folder. It makes me think that I should find some more oldies to reprocess.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Braid

"[In] a French braid you use hair strands over the middle section of the braid while Dutch braid uses hair strands under the middle section of the braid." In the States, depending on what part of the country you are from, French braids and Dutch braids are differentiated by "overhand" or "underhand" braids.(Google)

Danica's Dutch Braid

You wanted to know how the gals made out with the Dutch braid. It looks good to me although Sue struggled to complete it to her personal satisfaction. Let's face it, the lady has high standards and can be a bit of a perfectionist. After starting and stopping a few times, I'd say that success was achieved, despite the lack of perfection (according to Sue).

They begin.

There was some ravelling and unravelling as Sue struggled with this new procedure.

Danica checks out the finished product.

I think Sue did a marvellous to teach herself how to accomplish this. I wonder if they will try again.