Monday, January 20, 2020

About Me and Maybe You

A newer blogger friend has posted questions to help get to know one another. Here we go.

1. Where do you live? (Cite, State, Country, etc.)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Actually just outside of Ottawa, but that's what I say to make any sense of my location to others.

2. What is your favorite way to communicate with others? (in person, telephone, eMail, text, etc.)

Not telephone. This is only partly due to hearing loss. I just don't love the phone. I will usually drive to something not far away when someone else would do it on the phone. For example: I will drop in to make an appointment to change my tires, which happens twice a year. I do the same with the audiologist. I will, however, phone the doctor for an appointment. You just can't drop in all friendly-like there.

Apart from that, anything will do, whether it be email, texting or social media. Texting, whether on messages (phone) or FB Messenger (phone or computer) is replacing email at quite a clip.

3. What is your favorite breakfast?

I suppose it is bacon and eggs, but we seldom do it. I don't think I ever fry up bacon for breakfast at home. We did go out for breakfast last week where I had bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancake and toast. 

This morning, I had oatmeal. They say that it is very good for you, but I confess to never studying up on the matter. To make it even better for my body, if not necessarily to taste, I usually make it with half water/half apple juice. I then add cinnamon and raisins and not brown sugar This makes me feel quite virtuous. I note, however, that just for today I am having it with brown sugar.

4. Do you have kids?

Well yes, two, but they are older than I was when we had them: quite a bit older as a matter of fact. At my age, you ask if you have grandkids. Yes, two: one of each. We live in proximity and see them fairly frequently.

5. Are you considered outgoing or introverted?

Oh, I am definitely the latter and have written about it.

In fact, when I did a search of my own blog, I was surprised by how often I have referenced it. There were 13 related posts. .

That search (above) was primarily for my benefit as are the four that I highlight here. Introversion, The I of ISJT, Body on the Grass, I'm an Innie

I hasten to add that I am, a friendly enough person and am not particularly shy. Some of the posts above explain the difference. Try I'm an Innie for example. Heck, here's a snippet because no one will click.

Outies tend to require social activity to feel good while innies require a calmer, more reflective environment to feel good.
So, you see, we innies are simply wired differently. It is my understanding that introversion has nothing to do with nurture or being shy; it has to do with internal wiring. Introversion and shyness, apparently, have little or nothing to do with each other. Shyness has more to do with fear than with basic personality, and it is quite possible for extroverts to be shy.

6. Would you rather parachute out of an airplane or go “deep-sea-diving”?

I am not sure. I think I would like to go diving, but I am referring to just scuba diving such as looking at reefs and not deep sea diving. The other doesn't interest me. Neither does parachuting, for that matter.

Feel free to pick up the meme if you are so inclined. I am sure that most of us have written similar posts in the past, but both we and are readers change over time, so it doesn't hurt to do it again.


Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

You have great patience AC. I would have simply said "read my blog. It's all in answer to those questions."

David M. Gascoigne, said...

I have no problem with factual things, what is your favourite breakfast, for example, but I always struggle with analyzing myself.

Tabor said...

I once did something similar to this over a decade ago. I should find that and link to it...maybe.

MARY G said...

Not the greatest questions for you. I would have asked about what your vocation was, what are your avocations now, what is the pattern of your day. And of course, all of this is in our blogs if people want to read that much. I see you even have indexing, a thing that I gave up on long ago. But then, you have an orderly mind as well as many other sterling qualities.
And, just by the way, I think scuba is wonderful to do but my daughter prefers jumping out of planes.

Barbara Rogers said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and didn't know some of these things about you. I'm also an innie, but I think having a camera in hand does make it much easier to walk up to folks and start talking. And yes, I seldom click on links and much prefer to have a quote added right in text. We should start a new Myers-Briggs test (that's where INFT, me, originally came from) for blogger preferences! Like, do you ever click on the other bloggers that are being followed on another person's blog, or who make comments? (Yep, that's how I found you!)

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I am also INFP and so are my daughters. My son is INTP which I used to test as when much younger...I thought your post was interesting, though I guessed and knew some of the answers. But not the last one!

Marie Smith said...

I see similar things on Facebook sometimes. I never answer questions like these on the internet though I share enough on my blog. My husband is more introverted than I am but we make a good pair. Introverts make the world go round!

PipeTobacco said...


I too fall into the INTP and INFP groups (T or F are usually pretty close in number for me and it vacillates back and forth which is “ahead”). I always have wanted to be more outgoing, though, so I have forced myself to both scuba dive (certified) and parachute (once). I have come to realize that I cannot really make myself more outgoing.... but I can do outgoing things when needed (stressful :) ).

Hah! You may recall my saying that I love oatmeal!!!! Favorite breakfast by far. :)


Kay said...

Aha! I saw these question on Leona's blog. I did say that i wouldn't scuba dive OR skydive. I am a gutless wonder.

Marcia said...

Interesting but I feel no compunction to pick up the meme and share likewise. Hmm ... What does that say about me?

dellgirl said...

You have done a bang-up job with this "Getting to know you" idea. It is so thought provoking the way you presented it. I enjoyed every minute of this, thank you for the eye-opening insights.

Jenn Jilks said...

We're both introverts, and prefer peace and quiet. I guess this is why we are content with rural areas.
Funny, a car drove down the driveway in the dark last night. It was spooky!

William Kendall said...

I think I'd parachute first, then go diving in the sea.