Monday, January 06, 2020

Hockey Resumes

There has been a three-week hiatus in covering Jonathan's hockey games, but I am back at it. I missed one match, but the league pretty well shut down for the holidays. There were some practices, but I don't attend those although perhaps I should go to one and get different photos.

With the team short-handed about 5 players due mainly to the flu, the players who were there got more playing time than usual as they were out on every second line change instead of the usual every third change.

They hung in pretty well until about half way through the third period when a close 2-1 game became a more one-sided 4-1 loss.

One upside is that I saw more of Jonathan in action than usual, so for this post, I shall just show photos in which he makes an appearance because I don't always get the opportunity to get so many shots of him.  He is #9 in white with hair too long on one side.

On the same day, yesterday, Canada won the world junior tournament over Russia in the finals. They say it was a corker of a game, but I was involved in helping to solve a murder in Midsomer, England at the time.  😄


Marcia said...

I assume Jonathon is in white because there were no #6 in red. But where's his number?

Barbara Rogers said...

Couldn't read his number, or see his hair...but I kind of have recognized his serious determined face. I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing these photos in 10 years, as will you!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

So, though I cannot see his hair nor his number, I think (detective that I am) that he is in white with red shoelaces. Good photos.

Marie Smith said...

You can imagine how tired the players were by the third period!

MARY G said...

Yes, I can spot him in all of the shots .. even the one where the clue is the hair trailing out of the helmet. Looks as if he has good goal sense. Sports photography is a mix of luck and getting a feeling for what is about to happen. And the more you see of your target player, the better your feel is. I did a lot of gymnastics photos, back in the day, and found that I had to watch the practices to be able to get the good shots during competition. But it is a very different kind of stalking and shooting than hockey.
You have a great ability to freeze the action cleanly. Nice.
And I guess you could sneak up on the kid with a good sharp pair of scissors?

Jenn Jilks said...

You have a tough crowd, don't you?!

William Kendall said...

Wonderful action shots.