Monday, January 13, 2020

Absent Mindedness

I have developed quite a proclivity (although I do like the word, propensity, too) to forget what I was about to do. My Beloved would probably say that this is nothing new, and she would be correct, but I do believe that it is a phenomenon on the ascendancy, even if it is not new.

To wit: last night, I popped out of my easy chair with great purpose and gusto. I had been doing something or other on my iPad but suddenly decided that I must attend to something or other.

But I was immediately sidetracked by the pop carton. A few hours earlier I had refilled my pop fridge and had left the carton to deal with later. I guess I decided that this was later enough, so I folded it up and pitched it down the stairs to put in recycling on the next morning.

Well, that was fine and dandy, but then I stood in great perplexity staring vacantly all about me, wondering why I had ejected myself from the chair with such great purpose in the first place.

Too bad, AC, that moment is gone. I, your brain, will not permit you to retrieve that thought.

So, I sat my forgetful self back down and resumed whatever I had been doing on the tablet.

Later, when I was brushing my teeth in preparation for bed, I had the thought that I should fill up the coffee machines for morning. I have been trying to do that recently, which I prefer to bothering with in my 5 o'clock groggy stupefaction. I think that was the reason for the earlier rising. I cannot be sure, but I think so.

I think that many of us suffer from this absent mindedness and that you don't have to be an elder for it to happen, but I also think that we of a certain age succumb with greater frequency. Sue, for example, somewhat frequently propels herself into my den to proclaim or ask something of importance, only to stand there with a vacuous look on her glorious countenance. Oh well.

Speaking of absent mindedness and the coffee pot, on this very next morning I have had two incidents of the braindead variety.

You must understand at this point that we have two coffee brewing machines: a single cup pod type and one that brews multiple cups. I have been using the pod one for my early morning mug because it is quick and easy. When Sue gets up later, I make a big pot,

Well then, when I made my initial mug, I forgot to put the mug in place. I was quite fortunate, however, in that the holder at the bottom was big enough to absorb the contents. I was then able to pour the coffee into my mug. But still, it was a moment of forgetfulness.

If that wasn't enough braindeadedness, when it was time to make the big pot, I actually forgot to add the coffee. Once again, I was fortunate to realize this oversight quickly and shut the system down before it had time to percolate. It wouldn't have been tragic had I not discovered my oversight, but I am just as glad not to have made a big pot of hot water.


Barbara Rogers said...

Been there, done that! As they say. And it's so frustrating to stand there (usually in the kitchen for me) wondering what I had planned to do.

Marcia said...

It's quite contagious around here! I set the timer so I won't forget the laundry in the washer or dryer down the hall. [We opted not to have set appliances in one of our bathrooms.] . I find the forgetfulness extends to how to spell words I used to spell quite easily.
I entered my 70th decade at the last birthday. Here's a sobering thought - if I live as long as my dad I have 20 years to go! I mentioned this to Dan and he said he'd have 6! Oh, no.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Easily distractable as I am, I too too easily understand what you are saying here! One has to laugh. I will be 75 later this month...It's only disconcerting when I can't recall where I am walking to do the thing I cannot recall.

Jenn Jilks said...

I enjoy your writing, but especially your self-deprecating humour!

There is something about leaving a room, you enter another portal, they say, and that's why you forget what you are doing.

I don't make coffee. Hubby often does this. Forgetting the water or the coffee! He makes it the night before, too.

Marie Smith said...

I do much the same, always having to go back to where I first had the thought to remember what it was. There are a lot of us in the same boat.

dellgirl said...

Oh yes, yes, yes!!! Been there done that too...often. It's so frustrating, I now place the empty clothes basket in front of my bedroom door so I can remember the clothes are in the washer or dryer.

I usually remember what I intended to do when I return to whatever I was doing before I stopped. If I remember...fine. If I don't...OH WELL, WHATEVER!

I enjoyed reading here, been here before but never commented. Just couldn't resist this time. Thank you for sharing this.

Wishing you all the best!

Red said...

I listened to an interview today of Daniel Livinston. His theory is that our older brains are full of things and other thoughts come up and make us forget what we were going to do. I like this explanation.

MARY G said...

I wrote quite a long response to this post yesterday, and it hung up and I lost it. So, to precis,
What Red said. We have leisure to let our minds wander and synthesize, thus blocking the concentration needed to put the pot under the spout of the coffee maker. I should add that coffee makes a fine floor cleaner and the kitchen smelled lovely for a few days.
Oh well. If I could remember my passwords I could have posted the other and probably much better comment.

William Kendall said...