Saturday, January 18, 2020

Caturday 14: The Abnormal Lacey Gets a Cave

Thing 1: Cats like boxes. This article suggests that boxes offer a sense of security.

Image result for cats in boxes

Thing 2: Sue gets very attracted to cutesy thingies.

So when Sue saw a soft cat cave at the pet store, it was pretty well a foregone conclusion that it would have to come home with us.

This, however, leads us to ...

Thing 3: Lacey is one cat that has shown no proclivity to get into boxes.

Therefore, I was skeptical that the cave would work for her.

But Sue is a very determined lady, so she put it on her lap when Lacey came for a visit.

Next: she put it on my and Lacey's favourite chair.

Eventually, she entered.

But I must say that she never seemed all that comfy in there. She didn't drift deep into slumberland; every time that I looked at her, she was peering back at me. She did come closer to the front and seemed happier, but still didn't seem to be totally relaxed.

It is my chair too, so I put the cave on the floor. She got on top and beside, but that was it; she did not go inside.

That was days ago. Her soft cave awaits her, but she hasn't revisited. If that changes in the future, I will get back to you.

She is not a normal cat.

Update: Of course, it had to happen. After writing that  she had not revisited, I found her tucked inside one evening. Then, Sue found her on top — again. In both instances, she moved on as soon as she was caught in the act. Later, however, she spent quite a lengthy time like this. 


Marie Smith said...

It works as a pillow and a mattress too. Clever cat.

Barbara Rogers said...

I understand completely...I also love to have multiple layers to cuddle under, then will find it too hot, constraining, or something, and begin kicking covers off. Glad she's still trying it out!

Tabor said...

It looks too hot for me. With her fur coat, she needs a little less insulation.

PipeTobacco said...

I especially like your photo of your cat in the box for pop cans!!!! Colors on it are also wonderful!!


Shammickite said...

It takes a while to get used to something new. She probably has to break it in first. She always has that suspicious glint in her eyes.

Joanne Noragon said...

A most unusual cat. Except, my cat ignores caves and beds, too. But then, he is a feral.

dellgirl said...

Oh what a cutie she is, she seems pretty content to check the "thing" out before committing to any one position. Meanwhile, she's checking out you and Sue's reactions...LOLL

Wishing you a Great Sunday!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Probably some behaviour from their origins as wild cats who sought the shelter and refuge provided by natural cavities.

Jenn Jilks said...

That is funny. Perhaps she knows how much you are watching her!!!
We had one like that, but gave it away to Daisy's new owner. I wonder if she is using it?

PipeTobacco said...

Anvil... I have found our cats tend towards great independence. What I mean is they like independent discovery and abhor human “suggested” discovery. We had... not a cave... but a similar fluffy, soft house (ours was shaped like a pyramid)... that the cats ignored.... until THEY discovered it in a storage area a year after we had put it away due to their ignoring it.


Christina said...

I bet once it smells just right, Lacey will not want to leave her cave.

Vicki Lane said...

Cats will do what they do.

Kay said...

You just never know. Perhaps in a month, she'll be cocooned in it.

William Kendall said...

I think in her own way she likes it.