Thursday, January 16, 2020

Game Photos: JJ Gets Attacked

We almost forgot JJ's hockey game this week, but the phone saved us by posting a reminder when I happened to check it for some other reason with only 40 minutes to go until gametime. We were about to have supper, but it was just a toast night, so we were able to down our food and still get there with plenty of time to spare. The arena is only about 5 minutes away.

We had remembered earlier and made a plan to go but then, both of us being elder citizens, we  forgot.

We do try to attend most of the home games to show our support. Goodness knows the team needs it since they never win — not in league play anyway although they did win one tournament game.

Please note the wonderful writing above with 3 consecutive paragraphs beginning with "We." Sheesh! 

On to the photos.

The first one is my choice for Game Photo. The goalie sprawling like that is a great moment, and it is well focused with his face being clear. It is a bonus, I suppose, that Jonathan in also in the frame although it might have been a stronger photo with just the shooter and the goalie.

A few non-JJ pics that I like. I note in passing that I take a lot of non-JJ pics. The team has a FB group, and I post many photos there for parents to enjoy.

A few more Jonathan pics to end the post. You can see his expression very well, especially on the second one.

I asked Jonathan about team spirits since they never win, but he said they are good.

I also asked him what he must have done to provoke an opposing player so much. The guy was ready to go after him, but Jonathan didn't engage, so the other guy got a penalty. JJ said that he had blocked the guy a bit in front of the net. You probably aren't supposed to do that at this age level, but it tends to be overlooked when everyone is scrambling for the puck in front of the net and it is difficult to avoid contact with so many bodies fighting to get at the puck.

I am not sure when the next hockey posting will be. I think their games for the next few weeks are on the road. We usually only attend the home games.


Marcia said...

What was the final score?

Marie Smith said...

That first shot is a beauty!

Barbara Rogers said...

Glad you made it, and captured a couple of good ones!

Tabor said...

I do think these are your best photos yet for composition and symmetry.

William Kendall said...

The first is my favourite.

Jenn Jilks said...

None of us have played hockey. My grandie is doing archery! She did fencing last year!
I laud your photos. You are so good.

My eye balls are driving me nuts. It's not a long drive. I read this post last night, but I was just too fried to comment.