Sunday, January 12, 2020

I Had No Idea

I Had No Idea of what exactly I would see when I got this ↓ message from Google before clicking on it. (Even though I have an iPhone, I use Google Maps and not the Apple version although I do keep that on the phone too.)

Yes, I guess I was aware that I had location services checked on my phone, but I don't really have to guess that I didn't really know what that entailed.

Basically, it shows me every place where I have been with the phone since I got it in late 2017.

We obviously don't travel much or far. The most distant place is the red dot near the bottom left corner. This is Sue's sister's place, only about 4 hours away.

Of course, you can zoom in by area and get right down to street level. For example: when I clicked on that dot ↑ it showed me a large scale map of SIL's exact street and house.

You can also search by day. Here's what we did on October 16 2018.

The arrows mark our route. On the actual map the exact roads were shown with a blue overlay, but the overlay didn't get picked up in the screen capture.

On the side bar, we could see our driving distances, times and stops. (We were actually going home, so the arrows that I inserted, above, should be reversed. I was reading from the bottom up when I added the arrows; it should be read from top down.)

We had been at the cottage and were heading home. First, we drove 40 minutes to Bancroft. Since we spent only 6 minutes there, we must have just gone through the Drive Through for coffee and whatnot. I am pretty sure that there would have been whatnots. 😊

The next and longest leg was 154k to Renfrew, where we stopped at Wendy's for lunch. This drive took the best part of 3 hours. That's only an average of 50k/hour, but if memory serves, we made at least two photo stops (yes, I've now added photos below). We can saunter and stop almost at will on the backroads.

An hour later, we were home. (The trip took us more than 5 hours, but it can be done in half that time on the right roads with greater purpose.) 😎

You can do this reconstruction with any day, but that was our longest trip since October 2018. Times change, and we will likely never get to that cottage again. It's not ours and extended family dynamics have alterred.


Just to confirm my memory, I have two photos from the section between Bancroft and Renfrew. Autumn was looking pretty good. That is the Madawaska River in the first photo, taken from the Matawatchan Road, I believe near Camel Chute (why that name, I wonder).


Bess said...

And are you bothered that technology today tracks your every move. I think I would be.

Marcia said...

I will have to take a look to see if I selected tracking. It's a bit spooky, don't you think?

Barbara Rogers said...

I haven't activated that feature, and don't plan to. I do like Google Maps to do driving with...and it's helped me in a few traffic jams to find alternate routes. It's bad enough that google keeps track of words I write to then give me ads. I gave up being bothered by "big brother" back in 1984. (Not.)

Marie Smith said...

Wish we had that colour now instead of the white, AC.

Big brother is watching! Scary!

The Liberty Belle said...

As a result of your post, I'm going to take a look at the privacy settings on my phone. Loved the photographs that show Autumn's beauty.

MARY G said...

I really like the second photo.
Big brother is tracking you.

MARY G said...

I just looked up Camel Chute. Apparently a corruption of Campbell. Here is the link.

Joanne Noragon said...

Wasn't this an eyeopener! I tell people Google will own us all one day, and, by damn, they will.

William Kendall said...

Those fall shots are incredible.