Saturday, August 24, 2019

Caturday 4

I had thought that I would do a Caturday (on Saturday) post on a somewhat regular basis, but then posting got quite heavy with other topics. One does get out and about more in summer, and there have been the the town's 200th anniversary celebrations as well.

This past week, our cat, Lacey, has had a guest while her family went on vacation.

Abby is older than Lacey and has lived with other animals, so we thought that the two might get along, especially since it seemed that Lacey had gotten along well at the shelter when she was there, being free to roam about with other animals. We were even told that she slept with the dogs.

But it was not to be; maybe she got along with dogs but not cats.

Lacey would not stop hissing, and Abby would not stop attacking her, I think in response to the hissing, but who is to say. I do think that Abby might relent with the attacks if Lacey were to stop the hissing, and I have spoken to Lacey about this, but she refuses to take my advice to heart.

We had thought that, if the two could get along, we might keep Abby as she has more or less been reduced to living in the basement since a basset hound invaded her home. It is a finished basement, and the kids have their bedrooms down there when they are with their father, but they are only there half the time.

Alas, it seems to be an impossible situation here, and Abby may be returned today or tomorrow when her tribe returns. This saddens us a little as she is otherwise a nice cat that is a little more friendly and pet-able that ours. She is not a lap cat but is otherwise personable. Lacey, on the other hand, will do laps, albeit briefly, but is difficult to approach for petting. She will enjoy petting when she has chosen to come onto our laps, but we can't usually go to her.

This photo ↓ depicts what much of the week has been like with Lacey up high to keep away from Abby. We do have to separate them frequently by locking one or the other in a room. This leaves one cat free to roam and get food, water etc.

Shortly after the above picture, I went downstairs, and Lacey tried to follow me, for it was her breakfast time. I heard a great wailing and hurried back upstairs. Lacey had gotten down onto the bed but was attacked by Abby. For once Lacey stood her ground, at least for awhile, but then returned to her perch.

Meanwhile, at first glance the two felines look similar. They are almost exactly the same size and shape, and their markings (where the white is) are similar. When the light is poor, we have to look carefully to tell which cat is which.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Some cats can co-habitate, but apparently these two need to have their own space and be the top cat there. They are fine looking felines.

Shammickite said...

Naughty cats. Just like the two that I looked after in St John's this summer. They tolerated each other most of the time but every so often there was a mighty howling and spitting and the fur would fly!

Barbara Rogers said...

It's surprising how females (queens) can be territorial just like males. Sorry that your friendly cats had spats...and yet, they are both beautiful ladies. After all, we were created to serve them!

Mage said...

I am so sorry that your cat is so cranky. We had one that was mean enough to attack a child. He had to go.

Marie Smith said...

It is amazing how each cat has her own way. You’ve had an interesting week getting to know how to have them co-exist.

William Kendall said...

Yes, I think they need their own space.

Joanne Noragon said...

Have they actually fought, or just made noise? If it's just noise, and you are sorry enough for Abby, they probably will retreat to miffed silence in about six weeks. Thanks for the Control ++; it worked.

Jenn Jilks said...

You know what we went through, trying to have cats get along. For some, it is just too difficult. They aren't pack animals, for sure. Good luck.