Saturday, November 25, 2023

Tree Party 2023

Sue started the tree party tradition sometime around the mid-eighties when we began having Christmas, or at least part of it, at ours. Until then, we had driven the 200 miles from Sarnia to Toronto join, first my parents, and then hers for Christmas.

Early in the eighties (I think ~1983 or 4), my parents moved to Sarnia, and we had Christmas, or at least Christmas Day, at home. Usually on Boxing Day, we would make the trip to Toronto to celebrate with her clan. But before Christmas, come late November or early December, we would have my parents and our friend, Val, over to decorate the tree with us.

These forty or so years later, the tradition continues. Shauna kept it going at her place once we moved here in 2005. Last Friday evening, November 23 2023, we gathered once more.

Between Sue and me, we captured many photos, but, thankfully, Sue coalesced a number of them into collages to spare us some space

Speaking of Sue, let us begin with her comfortably sitting by the faux fire with a glass of wine beside her.

Also beside her are three of my mother's smocked balls — three of the many that she crafted, We choose a few to hang each year, Sue chose the white one, and I the red or one of the reds. I wrote in more detail about mom's smocking least year in Present Via Her Crafting, so I shan't go on, except to point out that that we are hanging the smocked balls in the two bottom photos of this ↓ collage.

Jonathan has traditionally put the topper on the tree.
This year, he didn't require a ladder to do it.

Here ↓ is a close-up of Sue's offering with a bit of mine off the the right.

Work proceeded.

Snuggles were had.

Many moments were captured: more than you see here. Danica kept her hair hidden for the most part because she wasn't happy with it for some reason.

Although I am holding the big camera, above, I soon switched the phone,
which worked better in the dim conditions.

Soon, the 2023 tree sat proudly in her finery.

Sabine was happier once the hubbub subsided. Shauna reports that so far she is being good, content to sit under the tree and to refrain from climbing it, even if she does look impish.


Margaret said...

What a wonderful tradition! We never established anything after the kids left the house, so it's just me now-not very motivating. The photos are lovely! (as is the tree!)

DrumMajor said...

Everyone looks lovely! Kitty wants a stuffed mouse on the tree! And what is Boxing Day in Canada? At one time I thought it was about men fighting in a boxing ring, but I think it's about collecting boxes to send presents in, or boxing up food to deliver? Linda in Kansas

Ed said...

We always go seek and cut down our wild tree either the Friday or Saturday after our Thanksgiving. This year is was yesterday and it is now up in it's stand and decorated. I'm not sure what sort of tradition we will start after the kids are gone out of the nest.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We never had a similar tradition growing up and it is wonderful to see that your family gathers to decorate. And, yeah to grandchildren helping it continue.

Debby said...

Boy, I never noticed just how much Shauna and Danica and Jonathan all resemble each other! That's a great picture. That's a great tree. It also looks as if a great time was had by all.

Tabor said...

What a beautiful tree. Yes, we got our snuggles as well, and for me, that was the best part of Thanksgiving.

Jeanie said...

I love the idea of a tree party. Many hands make light work, right? And having special ornaments made by parents or other loved ones makes the tree all the more special. I loved the smocked ornaments and all the wonderful smiling faces!

Marie Smith said...

I love the look on the cat! Just wait!

How lovely that your mother’s decorations are included every year!

RedPat said...

That is a lovely tradition. It is lucky that you all live so close now.

roentare said...

Looks like a good family time together

MARY G said...

Your tree decorating post is always a signal to me to start digging out the decorations. I love this year's hat a lot. And also enjoy the detail of the smocked ball this year. Nice shot.
Sue does terrific collages. It's a gift.
What, no eggnog?

The Furry Gnome said...

Are you a Habs fan like me!?

Granny Sue said...

Very pretty! And a nice tradition. I am glad it carries on.

Kay said...

This is so lovely. Thank you for sharing this lovely celebration with us. You're putting me in the mood. You all look so happy together. Every time I think of decorating the tree, I remember how I'd want to put the icicles methodically on the branches and our son would want to throw it helter skelter. I'd scold him, but now I'd give anything to have him here in Hawaii to do it again.

Barwitzki said...

I like the handmade Christmas balls. They are so beautiful and lovingly made.
nice photos... wonderful mood for Advent and Christmas... thank you.
We start decorating from today (after the memorial day for the deceased on the last Sunday in November, i.e. yesterday Sunday) and everything has to be finished on the 1st of Advent, we won't put up the Christmas tree until December 23rd. into the room and the "children" decorate it on the 24th morning... and the whole room smells of pine green... I'm also looking forward to the Christmas markets, which start this week.
A happy greeting for you.
Thank you :-))

Anvilcloud said...

Yes, you loveable Furry Gnome, I am a Habs fan.

Patio Postcards said...

Sabine is such a pretty kitty. You have such a wonderful family tradition of gathering to decorate the tree. I like to make a big deal about decorating the tree, although Mr Man just helps with the lights & then it is all up to be to decorate both trees.

Jenn Jilks said...

Lovely tradition.
We don't really do that. Our Ottawa kids used to cut their down, as we did in my family when I was a kid. Now they are getting busy!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Well the tree is just gorgeous but best of all is that ultra-cozy family gathering, continued down through the years. That is superlative in every way. Merry Christmas, AC! xoxo

William Kendall said...

Looks like you had fun.