Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Raising a Little Cane

You know you're getting old when a new cane arrives from Amazon, and you're all excited. Tail waggin, the whole bit.

Alright alright, I exaggerate a teensy weensy bit. I wasn't that excited, and I'm not that old. What I am is injured and what I need is an operation to address this injury. With hospitals overcrowded and overworked in this odious third phase, I figure that I'll still be in the waiting line come this time next year. Sigh.

The old cane had a small handle that was further shortened by a notch on the end. Since I am using the cane more and more, I decided that it would behoove me to look online for something more suitable. And, Oh Happy Day! this is more suitable.

I don't absolutely require a cane. I'm not even sure how much it helps, but if it relieves even a little bit of pressure, I'm down with it. It also serves as a sort of signal to others, that the old coot is shuffling along for a reason, so don't get antsy about having to hold up for a bit.

So, I'll smile and limp along, cane in hand.

As for the vaccination, I've got no side effects at all to report. I suppose that the injection spot is a wee bit sore to the touch, but I have enough bodily concerns already that I really don't notice one more little one.

It bears repeating that I will have to wait for 4 months for the second dose. Since this country doesn't have a bottomless supply as yet, the thinking is that it is better to get one injection into many people than two injections into some people. At least this is my understanding.

Also, for those worried about having only 6 months of immunity after the second shot, I think you can stop worrying. My money is on that being the verified time at this point when all is new. I do expect that the length will increase as they continue to study the effectiveness. This is all just a hunch and only a hunch on my part.

Finally, this is our bench selfie from the same day and location as the above photos: I with my COVID beard and she with her COVID hair. Actually, the beard is fairly new in its present form and is not from the commencement of the pandemic. Imagine how thick it would be had I begun growing it last March rather than just earlier this year. I don't know where I am going with this. I am just letting nature takes its course for now. It can be trimmed in almost a moment if I decide to terminate the experiment.

The person behind always looks like they are half-sized in photos like this.


DJan said...

It's a nice looking cane. I like it, but that final portrait shot is quite lovely, even with all the Covid hair. :-)

Patio Postcards said...

I so like being able to use the word behoove or seeing it used in a sentence. It goes now as one of my favourite words. :)

It is a nice cane, but sorry you have to use & I am even sorrier that good people like yourself will have to wait longer for much needed surgeries, all because "some people" cannot get it about safety precautions for COVID. :(

I believe we are the only country, ranting #55 in roll out of vaccines, is making people wait 16 weeks between jabs. :(

Nice together selfie :)

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh my, you really do have 4 months lag time...I hadn't heard of it before! Well, I guess they figure the first dose must do some good. Love your dapper cane with cap, and all of these shots do look very nice. Of course Sue adds to that last shot (oh I keep using the other meaning of shot, when you just had one in the arm!)

Marcia said...

Better to use a cane than to fall and do more damage. We convinced my mom to use a cane by that logic.

Ed said...

Your hunch is already proven correct if you are referring to either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. Both have reported their 6 months antibody results and both show that they are still very effective after six months though I believe Pfizer was slightly better.

It will be interesting to learn if the Canadian experiment works out, i.e. to delay the second doses. My wife has already seen a couple patients who have gotten Covid despite both properly administered doses of the vaccine. I wonder if this will be a higher rate in Canada and if so, is it statistically significant to worry about. Right now, all I know is that the vaccine isn't a license to burn your mask and run naked through crowded venues. I'm keeping my mask and limiting my exposure for the foreseeable future.

PipeTobacco said...

Nice style of cane.... fits all occasions.... formal or informal!!!

I have to say, I REALLY like your patchwork hat!!!! I wear that similar style of hat most days..... but I have never found a multicolored variety yet. I have various browns, blues, grays, and even a nice dark Forrest green one. I may have to try to look harder for a multicolored one. I also need to look for a few variations in the more linen versions that are nice for Summer..... I only have one light beige linen one (the rest are tweedy).


MARY G said...

I have one like that. You can add a pick for walking when it is icy. The one I have folds up and down as needed.
Nice selfie. Lots of hair. Sue looks great.
I was tired for the next day after I got my shot, but not much more than is usual for me.

Red said...

Nice beard. I can't tell how long the hair is. I wear a cap all the time to keep my hair up!

The Furry Gnome said...

I think it needs to grow a fair bit more before it might need any slight trim.

Margaret said...

That's a very nice looking cane, and you do look happy! The beard is impressive and Sue always looks nice. I never would have thought that was Covid hair. Now *I* had covid hair which has become a nicely highlighted mullet.

Joanne Noragon said...

As yo decided, canes are useful for several reasons.

Shammickite said...

When I had hip replacement surgery, I loved walking with a cane. In fact it got me into a few places free!

William Kendall said...

I have a cane- in my closet. It was my grandfather's, and I have it for sentimental reasons.

Rita said...

Looks like a nice cane. Love the pics of you and you and your sweetie. :)

Christina said...

I hope the cane helps until you can be scheduled for surgery. You both look well, lockdown hair and lockdown beard and all.

Here in Britain, there is a 12 week gap between first and second inoculation, I think we'll be all fine because the first dose already provides significant protection. The three/four week gap is recommended because this is what was used in the trials and has been shown to be good. Immunologically speaking, there is a bit of wiggle room and with more time at hand, different regimes would be tested for sure.

Vicki Lane said...

I am forcing my self to use a cane (actually, it's a folding hiking staff) whenever I'm on uneven ground due to wonky knees and a messed up ankle. Also, I'm old.

Blondi Blathers said...

Mr Cool with that cane!
and you both look great.

Jenn Jilks said...

JB always uses a cane outdoors. He walks around the property twice a day, and it makes him feel safe! He has a collection of them.
A fine looking couple, indeed!
I hear you about the surgery.

Kay said...

My brother gave my mother his cane when she hurt her knee. It wasn't until later that a friend told me it was not the right height for her. I didn't know what to look for. Looks like you did your homework first. That cane looks perfect for you. I like your hat too.