Sunday, October 02, 2022

Helpful Bloggers Found the Song

Smart people found what I couldn't.

When I posted about the Shirley Temple Black story time song, I wrote that I couldn't find it. Shortly thereafter, ziniania's corner posted a link ↓ of Ella Fitzgerald doing a version of that very song.

I don't know Ziniania's corner, and when I clicked, I found that she is one who has a Blogger account but doesn't blog. But she (I assume) found my post and also found ↑ the video. So sorry that I accidentally deleted her comment. These things happen, especially on some of those very early morns after not a whole lot of sleep.

Then, Kay posted a recording of the actual Ms Black. The tune is as I remember, and some of the words are as well although they don't all seem to have been in quite the sequence that I posted.

Thanks to both commenters. I was pleased to hear Fitzgerald's original (I presume) version  and especially pleased to hear Shirley Temple Black singing it just as I remembered — or close enough.

Apparently however, I should hang my head because I don't know how to search on my own very well.


William Kendall said...

I wouldn't have been familiar with it either.

Barbara R. said...

Great to have other bloggers out there to help. I've found good info in the comments.

Jeanie said...

I wouldn't have known where to start to look for those! Blog friends are the best!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Google is great when you know how to search, but I, too, rely a lot on blog friends and FB friends when I need to know something. Glad you found these two records.

RedPat said...

I am not familiar with the song and wouldn't have found these either.

Margaret said...

I'm glad that other bloggers stepped up because I had NO clue!

Joanne Noragon said...

I am constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge of bloggers.

ziniania's corner said...

Good morning AC and you are welcome!!!
When I want to find the title of a song that I like, I highlight the verses of the song by clicking with my pointer on my mouse and then I see:
copy link to highlight
search Google for:(here I add the verses or the title of the song if I remember) and voila it prompts me to the song.

Another very helpful trick I learned from my computer savvy son.
If I see a photo inside someone's blog and the person doesn't name the origin of the photo.(It could be a city, a coastline, a church, etc..) I click on the photo with my pointer on my mouse and a prompt comes on the screen that it says :
open image in new tab
save image as
copy image
copy image address
create a code for this image
"Search image with Google lens"
I click with my pointer on my mouse Search image with Google lens and on the right side of my page it shows the place and the name of it. Isn't Google amazing? good luck and have a great day!!! I have being reading your blog for some time now (I love your photos and your explanations on them)
An from Kanata, another early riser🙂

Jenn Jilks said...

I've learned all sorts of stuff thanks to our kids!
I was awake just before 5 today. I hear you.