Sunday, October 30, 2022

Game 2

Along came another hockey game when we weren't expecting it. Sue noticed the event on her phone calendar, which had been added via a link from JJ's team. We possibly didn't see it at first because we mostly use our Google calendars on the computer, and the team calendar isn't linked there. For whatever reason, our calendar events on the computer link down to the phone, but events entered on the phone may not go the other way.

Off we went, somewhat grudgingly on my part, for I hadn't been expecting a night out.

It was a pretty good game. The visiting team seemed to control the play a bit more, but our guys scored more goals. I think our goalie was playing very well.

I believe that I have the same player making the same move in my previous hockey post.
I just take the shots that are available to me and don't know who is in the frame.

This was one of the two goals scored against us. you see the goalie looking high,
but the puck is about to enter the net down low, just above his pads.
That is JJ looking on helplessly.

Speaking of JJ, here he battles to clear the puck from our zone, If memory serves, he was successful.

I like how our guy is pursuing the puck carrier and trying to reach the puck with his stick.

I very much like this picture because we see the general situation with many players and our boy's
shooting of the puck, which you can see is by the red guy's leg. I also like the red guy's reach.

I am really liking the first and last photos with the swarm players coming up the ice. I am also liking the pano-style crop which eliminates so much extra space, particularly at the top. A lot of ceiling does not add much to the photo.

You may want to thank me for also working to limit my postings to 4 - 6 photos.


Barbara R. said...

A proud granddad is always welcome. One who cuts the ceilings off his photos is particularly appreciated. These are great shots, but having your comments with them helped a lot. It did take me a while to find the puck in that last shot. It's a Wow!

Anvilcloud said...

@Barbara; It’s a bonus when you can see the puck. Happily, it was visible in all of these photos, which is for sure not always the case.

Jenn Jilks said...

I find it difficult to limit post photos! JB always wants to see what is going on. Sorry about that!

This was fun – visiting your grandie!

Marie Smith said...

Great shots! Worth the night out!

Margaret said...

Love that action shot! A problem that I have with hockey is that I can never see/find the puck, thus I miss out on most of the plays.

RedPat said...

I like your hockey posts.

William Kendall said...

You really do these action shots well.

roentare said...

I only have been to ice hockey once. It was in New York watching red panthers against another team. I would love to photograph the competitions too. I recall there is always this thick glass panel blocking the viewers' view though.

Red said...

Kids at this age have tremendous skills.