Monday, September 25, 2023

Second Trip to Blakeney

I returned to Blakeney, a week after this ↓ first photo that I posted then.

The Week Before

On this second day ↓ the light was different, and there was somewhat greater colour, particularly in the yellow centre beyond the foreground rocks.

This Week

Sue caught me doing my thing.

So this scene is starting to look pretty good, but for the most part around here, the colour is lagging, which is what one would expect so early in autumn. However, I did find another of those two-toned trees fairly near our house. I was a glary day, but at least I have a record photo for comparison should I remember to return. I deliberately included the dead tree on the right; perhaps, I shouldn't have, but I like its shape, and I think it provides a bit of balance to the image.

It would be nice to get some clouds in the sky, but I can't fuss too much. I go out when I can and get what I can get at the time.

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