Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Christmas Marathon

The family Christmas has come to an end with sleepovers by Danica on Sunday night and Jonathan on Monday. Since it all began Friday evening on Christmas Eve, I think that's a pretty fair observance of the occasion. As you might guess, scads of photos were taken, but I promise to be moderate, which includes making a few collages, so we don't go too overboard with tons of individual images.

Christmas Eve included snacks and snuggles.

Games and fun too.

A bonus of the kids getting older is that they didn't awaken us early on Christmas Day. In fact, they didn't awaken us at all although they were already up when we awoke at 6:30. We make gift opening last by taking our turns beginning with stockings. Someone opens one stocking stufffer, then the next person, and so on a so forth, and round and round we go.

Then, we break for a quick breakfast and repeat the above procedure with the bigger gifts. When I say, bigger, we aren't spendthrifts, but we don't max out the credit cards either. We try to make it good, but we don't really make it grand if you catch my drift.

Here are two photos from the morning. I hope you pardon the one of me, but I like it.

Well before noon, the kids were off to their Dad's. Sue and I went home, and Sha went into work for a few hours. She visits with her seniors for a few hours on most Christmas Days. This year she helped the dining room staff at both servings. It was a way to easily greet most of her residents. Many stayed in the residence dur to COVID and the rules and regs about isolating upon returning.

The next day, Sunday, we picked up Danica for her sleepover. Sleepovers are easier on grandma and grandpa than they used to be, at least in a way. The kids can now entertains themselves, especially after one or both of us go to bed.

Danica bought herself a MacBook on that very day with her recent earnings, and she spent much of her visit exploring it and getting it set up. Her dad is a tech guy, but he works exclusively on the PC side, but Dani managed well on her own. It should last her through high school and quite possibly university, or some of it.

Sue took the following clip as a single photo, but Google turned it into a cute little mp4.

Sue made pancakes from Monday breakfast, and I contributed bacon. Later, we took Dani home and brought JJ back with us. While Danica isn't interested in playing games, we played UNO (below, with chips),  Sorry, and Wizard with Jonathan.

He spent some time sketching with some of his Christmas gifts. Notice the earbuds, which were a main present from the step-side.

He got a yo-yo for Christmas and was picking it up really well. I dug into my memory banks from 60+ years ago and asked if he could do over the falls. I took a crack at it, and then he tried. As you might expect he didn't nail his first few efforts (below), but he got it pretty well soon after. We don't have too many subsequent photos or videos, for I think even Sue was getting too pooped to keep going.

Breakfast with JJ was a breakfast sandwich in an English muffin with bacon and Havarti cheese. We took him home after noon, and that completed the celebration for another year. We will head over to see Bob and Barb for a short visit this afternoon. Then, we may come home and collapse. 😀


DJan said...

What a great Christmas you had. I love all the collages and the solo picture of you very much. :-)

Boud said...

What an endless parade! And you seem very pleased with it all. Happy New year!

Barbara Rogers said...

Great holiday photos...all within reason! So glad you got to spend so much time with your grands! I have an older Mac, and had to get it out yesterday to see some photos stored on it. I spent a few minutes staring at it, now how do I open a new screen? Found it! It is a really good work horse of a laptop! (But my old friend has sticking keys, thus I moved on to this one.)

Patio Postcards said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves over Christmas. You are very fortunate to have such strong bonds with your Grandkids. That is a very good photo of you in your red toque.

Jenn Jilks said...

What a great visit!
They are still talking about school or no for January. It's a mess out there.

William Kendall said...

You were busy.

MARY G said...

I have followed you for a lot of Christmases now but it is still a shock to see the grandkids so grown up. And so good looking, both of them. Love the pics with the new machine - yes, it should last her well, with lots of upgrades from the company to annoy her. (experience with our grandkid here.)
Beautiful collages. To be cherished, as every year is different.
Happy New Year, even if you go to bed at 10:00 pm.

gigi-hawaii said...

Looks like great family time during Christmas weekend! Love your photos and the camaraderie!

Margaret said...

Love your mix of merry making and traditions. It sounds like you do the perfect amount of gift giving, interspersed with other activities. The photos are beautiful and festive!

Red said...

I know the feeling of come home and collapse! You probably had too good a time!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your solo photo was great, John, just had to let you know that first. Enjoyed all the collages too and I did much the same this week in blog posts. We were able to visit all 3 grands this holiday, after no visits last year. We have let everyone know that 2022 we will remain home by choice, no matter what else is happening. Like you and Sue, we also do not go overboard on gifts and spending. Sending you and Sue our best wishes for a better and Happy New Year (we hope).

The Furry Gnome said...

The cuddles must have been good! Your portait looks great.

Marie Smith said...

Our three grandkids are coming for a sleepover tomorrow night. We haven’t started the individual sleepovers yet. Lots of fun there by the sound of it.

PipeTobacco said...

Beautiful photos and video of your candid experiences!

I absolutely love that your grandson got a yo-yo! Even though it has been a year or two since I picked up one, I was at that time still good at my tricks. Cat’s Cradle is one of my favorites to do.


Joanne Noragon said...

That was a lot of nice Christmas. The grands are more lovely every passing year.

Rita said...

Sleepover Christmases sound wonderful! Look like a great time! :)