Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Little Gadgets and Christmas Afghans

Who doesn't love a helpful little gadget?

Sue has always been taken with gadgets, but she really got it right this time.


The lady crochets a lot in winter and has done four peppermint creations over the past few years: one for Shauna, one for us (I guess to eventually go to PJ someday if she wants one), and two for the cat lady to raise money in her auctions. Shauna purchased one of those back from cat lady and gave it to a friend.

Sue wrote a guest blog for me way back in 2017 where she explained the rather involved process: The Afghan Explained.

She has the wool for a fifth peppermint throw and actually began it, but she has shifted to a different pattern for the sake of variety.

Now that I have filled in the background, let us return to the gadget thingie.

Lighting is a problem. It seems that there is never enough of it in her work spaces. I mean I have recently told you that she sees brighter than the rest of us, but her work corners aren't all that well lit, and her aging eyes begin to struggle with close work.

She has tried my photography headlamps, but one is heavy, and even I don't like it. While I love my other lightweight one, Sue still doesn't prefer to wrap it around her tresses.

You can see the solution below.

It a lightweight gadget thingie that hangs around her neck to illuminate her work perfectly. And it's pink too. Bonus.

Bur hark! What is this new pattern? It's not peppermint.

It is another poinsettia themed pattern, developed by the same person who designed the peppermint throw. Like the other, Sue has to follow the involved video tutorial until she has it in her head. These two blocks ↑ are number 35 and 36, the final ones of this type to go into the ultimate creation.

So that is step 1 with many more to go to get to this result. Cute kid not included.

Following are two current photos of our peppermint afghan in situ: one at ours (with the cat who is not supposed to be there), the other at Shauna's. Wanting a bit of a change from bright, Christmas red after three jobs, she switched more of a wine red on last winter's project (ours).


Marie Smith said...

Sue does great work! Beautiful!

DJan said...

Wow! These are just beautiful. I look forward to seeing the final project, and that light source looks perfect to me. :-)

Margaret said...

She is gifted and I love those festive throws. The new one she's making is amazing!

Debby said...

I've always wished that I could crochet (or knit, either one). These throws are great. The final picture made me laugh out loud. The look on that cat's face tells me that she knows darn well she's not allowed up there, but she doesn't give a cat's butt.

Mage said...

Just delightful. Yes, those would sell as fund raisers so well.

William Kendall said...

The cat will rest wherever she pleases.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

These are beautiful creations and Sue indeed does beautiful work. That neck light looks like a great gadget too!

Blondi Blathers said...

"lightweight gadget thingie that hangs around her neck to illuminate her work perfectly"

What are those called and where can I buy one? I might be able to get back into some hand-stitching (my favourite) after all! -Kate