Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What I Do for Two Bucks

I have probable tossed a few coke cartons with the $2 coupon on the inside, but decided to extract one. They don't make it easy.

It's in there somewhere; all I have to do is look. ↓

They don't make it easy. ↓

Success at last. ↓

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Olde Barn

I happened upon a folder yesterday looking for a particular picture but soon got sidetracked by the first couple of photos below that I had ignored previously; I never did get around to doing what I had originally intended to do. The others I had processed earlier, and I probably also posted some of them previously.

While the house on the property is nothing much to look at, most of the outbuildings is somewhat photographic: the garage, the red barn, the planer mill, and the old barn (the one in this series). These are all of the old, unpainted barn.

These photos are all from out August visit and have been processed with different styles, particularly the first and seventh of the series, which I did as sort of an old, distressed b&w. My faves are probably the second and fourth photos.

These are some other old barn photos that were lying about. There are more, but these were at hand, and I thought that I might as well include them.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ten Days Later

Ten days ago, as you may recall, I had shovelled a niche for the kids; it was tough work because the snow was ,ore like ice. But, what a difference ten days makes! That's the time difference between the two photos that are taken from a fairly similar spot although the first is vertical and the second is horizontal (note the same car in the background of both photos).  This rapid change surprises me, at least a little every year, particularly this year when we had quite a bit of snow to lose plus the fact that it hasn't been that warm yet. Even when the temperatures have climbed a little, it's been blasted windy, so it has seemed quite cold. We did have a good rain or two. however.

Anyway, a lot of progress has been made, and I begin to regret the fact that I didn't clean the garden very well before winter overtook us. However, I plead for some understanding as winter came on early and quickly last fall.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Some Days Are Like That

It looked nice outside yesterday, so we decided to walk to Walmart. It's not our favourite place, but it's the closest store, and there were a few items that we could pick up. Besides, we could treat ourselves to a cuppa coffee from the McDonalds inside. I've never tried it, but Sue says that it's pretty good.

The way that I gimp along with my stupid right foot, it takes the best part of a half hour, and it was much windier than we thought, so it wasn't an altogether pleasant ramble.

Carrying Sue's camera, I stopped to take a few pictures of the field with the water tower in the distance. Where the snow has not been piled, there isn't all that much left. Mind you, there's still ~4' on our lawn. Even at that amount, a good chuck of it has evaporated.

We continued on to WM and barely got inside the door before there was a power failure. We waited outside for a few moments to see if it would come back on before deciding to trudge back home when both my sore foot and Sue's cold ears (did I mention it was very windy?) could have used a rest. Oh well.

About 5 minutes out, we could tell from the traffic lights that the power had been restored, but we kept on trudging toward home. And it was a trudge, let me tell ya. In good shape, I am not.

Some days are like that.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Good Ole Hockey Game

On Friday night I finally got my Christmas present. Sha bought both Eric and me tickets to the Montreal Canadiens - Ottawa Senators game for Christmas, and Friday night was the night.

Both the of us donned our jerseys. His is Montreal's current star goalie, and mine is the previous great, Jean Beliveau, who played when I was a boy and into young adulthood. Fittingly, he played his last game on April 04 1971, and this was also April 04, 43 years later.

Just for fun before I get back to the evening, here is a photo of me in my Canadiens (CH or Habs for short from now on in this post) hockey sweater, circa 1955.I am with my Uncle Charlie on Christmas if I recall. He died in 1970. He was a Leaf fan and would tease me good-naturedly at every opportunity.

Anyway, we made it to the arena early and found our seats in the third tier: section 321, row F, seats 1 and 2.

The view was excellent. The camera was zoomed out for this photo ↓ and the players were larger in life than they look here.

I tried a few selfies and did better with the second shot below.

Using Sue's compact camera, I snapped quite a few photos during warmup, choosing to leave my bulky DSLR at home. My favourite player, #76, PK Subban is prominent in both shots. The second shot below shows, more or less, the real life view that we had from our seats. It was fine.

The game is on. I put the camera away for most of the game but eventually remembered to take a few pictures.

Despite the game being in Ottaw, there seemed to be as many Habs fans as Sens fans. There was an exuberant block of fans just behind us. ↓ They were loud and sang their victory songs from time to time, for the Habs won handily: 7 - 4.

I took my title, The Good Ole Hockey Game,  from the main line in Stompin' Tom Connors', The Hockey Song, which gives the flavour of how seriously but enthusiastically we take our hockey in this county. Stompin' Tom was a greatly loved Canadian folk icon. At one point he spent several weeks here in Carleton Place where he composed Mufferaw Joe, and we have a wall painting in town commemorating him and his stay.

Fittingly, he performed this ↓ rendition of The Hockey Song in Ottawa on Canada Day 1993, just after the Habs had one the Stanley Cup and mentions that in this version. Unfortunately, the Habs have not won since. In fact, although the CH has won more championships by far than any other team, times have not been terribly good for most years since 1993.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Me and My Twin

This is AC. Have you met my twin, John? We have a similar style, right down to the socks.

I first got this idea when Sue laughed at me one morning after changing from my jammies to my day clothes (as in around-the-house loungies) because the two outfits were essentially the same. So I ot around to taking the pictures.

My jammies are on the right, my day clothes on the left. They are both winter wear and will hopefully soon be stuffed in a drawer.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

In Seasonal Transition.

On Sunday, after hints of spring in the previous few days, we awoke to a fairly major snowstorm. I some desperation, I decided to take some photos of a pot of daffodils. Sue had added some styrofoam easter eggs to the pot to give it an additional touch.

This ↑ is a solar-powered butterfly also stuck in the pot. Of course, it was indoors and not fluttering at the time.

You wouldn't think that a picture with such colour would translate well to a bw photo, but I like the version below.

Then, Sue had the bright idea of sticking the pot outside the door in the snow, just for fun. So, I did.

On the next day however, spring resumed its march. We opened the windows a crack, but I thought the kids playing in the snowy schoolyard across the road was another good juxtaposition.

At this time of year, I sometimes begin to assist mother nature by reversing the snow shovelling process. I begin to shovel snow from the pile on the lawn onto the driveway to speed up the melting process. I am keen to do this because one year, when I finally cleared the snow, I discovered that tulips had grown under it. I'd rather that not happen again.

The day before, when I began the process, JJ thought we should excavate a little niche, so I enlarged it. ↓

The snow won't last long now (he said, crossing his fingers). However large the pile looks to you in this photo, it's almost 1/4gone already. Once the melting begins, it all happens quickly. I even carved out two little ledges for them to sit on.

Predictably, they thought it was rather wonderful, and played in there for more than an hour after school, soaking themselves in the process.

They shovelled ...

jumped ...

and even had their after school snack in there.

What fun!