Tuesday, December 08, 2020

A Banal but also an Electric Post

Do I post this or not? 

It seems eccentric and banal.

But what else is there to post of today?

So here we go.

AC has a new blanket. Electric.

It is to use, not in bed, but in my chair.

You see, sometimes, AC sleeps in his chair rather than in bed.

Because sometimes body parts hurt less there. Or at least, one is too confined to roll about and get oneself into hurting positions. Once I settle into a suitable position in the chair, I am pretty well bound to maintain it. Not so in bed.

But I can get cold on a winter night. While I already have a good blanket, it becomes insufficient on a  very long and cold Canadian night.

I thought of  adding an additional layer. but rejected the idea because two layers would be difficult to control in a narrow, reclining chair. I tired wearing a hoodie, but it wasn't enough. I tried wearing a wooly sweater, but it was too bulky and a little prickly. We thought of opening a sleeping bag, but that would be very bulky in my little chair and room and probably slippery too.

Sue came up with a solution. Purchase an electric blanket; one layer isn't bulky or unmanageable, but the electric heat would provide sufficient heat to keep a body warm.

We tried it out, and it seems that it will work. And the colour looks rather royal, eh?

Except, I have yet to use it at night, for I have entered a stage where I have been doing well enough in bed lately.

This is the way that AC's life goes.


Barbara Rogers said...

It's absolutely regal! Good to see a smile on your face! Enjoy being warm, whenever you use it

Jenn Jilks said...

I love the colour!
JB has one, as well. His is gray and white. He naps twice a day. It really helps. He is always cold, since his surgery and treatments.

Ed said...

I have a similar problem. Every once in awhile I go through a stretch of about a week where I can't sleep in bed but sit me in a chair and I can't stay awake. My only problem with the chair sleep is that it is often microsleeps because I'm tall and my legs hang off the end causing the uncomfortableness to wake me up. I usually solve my problem by taking the active ingredient in Nyquil and going to bed. Once I break the cycle and get a good night's sleep, albeit drugged, I do much better in subsequent nights.

gigi-hawaii said...

Hahaha. Oh, the irony of it all. I used to have an electric blanket in New York when I lived there (1970-1975). Yeah, it was cold there especially when the heater was not working.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That electric blanket does look quite toasty and yes, a regal color. Hopefully, it will do the trick and keep you warm on those cold Canadian nights IF you have to asleep in the recliner at all.
BTW, thanks for the suggestion on my post today. Yes, I did think of the Christmas story after writing the line.

Margaret said...

That's a very good color on you! It sounds perfect for your needs, if not present than future. You will be the master of those cold Canadian nights!

Marie Smith said...

Great idea though for those nights in the chair.

Mage said...

How nice that you can sleep in bed tho missing the electric blanket, in all it's royal color, is a sad thing.

Mara said...

The crown, where is the crown?

William Kendall said...

You look comfortable.

Rita said...

Perfect solution!
(I have had to sleep in my chair for over a year now due to back issues...will keep that in mind, thanks!)

Debby said...

There is nothing banal OR eccentric about being warm. ~ signed, the woman whose feet are always freezing.

DJan said...

It looks wonderful. I think I might have to try that myself. And the color looks great on you. :-)

Stubblejumpers Café said...

Aren't you cute under your little blankie! LOL. It looks ever so cosy. -Kate