Monday, January 28, 2019

Three Percent

Folks are nagging on one of our local FB groups. They are complaining that, right now, gas prices are higher here than in the city. Mind you, they don't complain when our local prices are lower, which is often the case. Quite often.

They want to vent that it's the fault of our local dealers, but those in the know explain that prices are set by headquarters. Local gas stations get told what they will charge. But most readers ignore the information and rant anyway.

This brings to mind one of my experiences which resulted in rather perspicacious (I think) insight.

My tank was getting low, but I drove into the city anyway. When I filled up there, I was disappointed that gas was 4¢ a litre more than it had been back home.

I filled up — 40 litres — and did the math. That tank cost me a buck-sixty more than it would have back in town. At that time, gas prices were high, so my total cost for the fill-up was about $50.

So, let's see ... I would have saved about 3% if I had purchased gas back home. Three percent! Three measly percent!

When was the last time that you went out of your way for a 3% sale?  Would you hightail it to the grocery store for a 3% sale on anything? Say there's a 3% sale on steak, so you save 15¢ on a $5 steak. And if you missed that sale would you be overly vexed?

Think about it.

Since then, I usually don't even notice the price of gas. I just pull in and fill up, and whether I save or spend an extra buck is not important to me.

Now, the price of gas in general can be an irritant, but that's a different kettle of fish.


Tabor said...

I agree. It can be very silly, but my hubby will drive 10 miles for cheaper me.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I just try to buy the lowest price I encounter the day I'm buying gas....But you are right. There isn't that much difference.

Marie Smith said...

The cost of driving for the cheaper gas would outweigh the savings anyway. Gas prices are always contentious!

Should Fish More said...

I have a truck with a 25 gal. (US) tank. I often don't drive that much, so towards the end of the month I use my daughter's phone number for a up at safeway (she doesn't drive). I often save 80 cents to a dollar per gallon. There are not a lot of safeway gas stations, so I might have to drive an extra mile or two. 25 bucks is a nice saving, but I get your gist.

Mage said...

We go out of our way to go to a Costco where gas is always 30 cents or more of a savings per gallon. The cost of driving somewhere for cheaper gas is usually worth it.

Joanne Noragon said...

Once I pulled through the gas station and went around the corner to see if it was cheaper. It was, three cents a gallon less. As I drove away, I calculated that three cents on my eight gallon purchase was twenty four cents. Good grief. I Keep track of price now, as a kind of exercise. For instance, it would have been less expensive yesterday! Or, Bonanza. Cheap gas today.

Linda Kay said...

I guess I notice the price if it goes below $2.00 (woohoo), and if it goes very close to $3.00. But otherwise, it's just pennies of difference going to another place to fill up.

Wendy said...

I still check out gas prices, but don't focus too much on them any more. You are quite right - the savings are usually just pennies.

But somehow when I go to the grocery store, I often buy whatever is on sale instead of what I really prefer. It's an old habit, quite ingrained.

Except coffee. I never compromise on good coffee. And I buy the expensive Keurig K-cups. Because I like Green Mountain coffee or Van Houtte.

How did we get from gas to groceries to coffee? Hmm, your posts provide good food for thought (on sale or not). LOL

troutbirder said...

A word of wisdom on the internet. Obviously, my previous ignorance was my math ineptitude. However, once Ms. T and I ventured to the big city to buy a vital item. I marched into the store and proposed to buy the needed item at a fair price. The was informed she could do better. We then spent all morning and most of the afternoon, to the point of exhaustion, finally saving less than a dollar on a fifty some item. There was no way math would help me calculate the so called savings on that fiasco...:)

Shammickite said...

Just fill up and shut up, that's my policy.

Jenn Jilks said...

That's funny!
I seldom fill the car, I leave it to the old man. I'm usually on my way to my client, and can't get gas on my hands!

jj said...

I drive out to the Costco in Ajax, for cheaper gas. It was 89c for regular there, vs 92/93c at the cheaper places close to me, so I see your point. However, I usually time it with a needed Costco run, so I am there anyway! Filled up last Friday with glee.

William Kendall said...

My dad would always make a point of keeping the gas tanks around three quarters full in winter, never letting them fall below that.

I was looking at a vending machine yesterday- regular chocolate bars for two fifty. You can buy them in a convenience store (which usually has rip off prices to begin with) for less. You can buy the family sized bars for a couple of bucks if you know which store has them on sale in a given week.