Thursday, January 24, 2019

Snow Day

Somewhat surprisingly, the kids are due to be back in school today. I say "surprisingly" because it snowed last night and because there is (or was) a danger of freezing rain later in the day. But perhaps the snow didn't amount to much (it's still dark out, so I can't tell very well), and perhaps the freezing rain part of the forecast has been rescinded.

The kids did, however, have two consecutive snow days. We call bus cancellation days snow days no matter what the cause. These were due mostly to cold. I really don't think I have ever witnessed snow days due to cold, but it was brutal, and there was also drifting due to wind. If buses had run into problems, then keeping the kids warm would have been quite problematic.

These were the third and fourth snow days of this school year after ten last year but the first day they they have been with us.

Immediately, Jonathan set about setting up the monopoly game that he got for Christmas. It is the Fortnite edition and very different that the game that we are used to. For one thing, it can be played within a half hour or maybe less. For another thing, I won both games. (You may recall that I have whinged over my terrible luck at monopoly over the past year, but yesterday was different: very different.)

Danica, meanwhile, tackled some homework. She was to find the mean of a set of numbers and required a bit of a review of long division from her grandfather, but she got it quickly — as always. They had to do the first few questions the old fashioned, manual way (you can see here work below) but were allowed to finish up using the calculator .

Then, we all played Fortnite Monopoly. But first, grandma read the instructions. This is a very different form of Monopoly. Of course, the kids caught onto to it very quickly. Basically JJ guided us through the actual playing.

As I said, I won. This momentous event was worthy of a picture as I held up my winning piece.

There was lunch, a trip to the coffee shop, and the trip to the library. At the cafe, Danica set off with the friend that we picked up for the afternoon. JJ was stuck with the grandparents.

I wrote this yesterday morning, and by the time I finished the post and checked again, the buses were cancelled. Somewhat surprisingly, they are cancelled again today, Thursday, making it four consecutive days, which has to be some sort of record for the past 8 years anyway, which is when Danica started school.


Mara said...

I've seen a monopoly set with card readers and all! It's not like the good old days. Mind you, even in the good old days I never played it: too long and I always lost anyway.

Marie Smith said...

It’s been miserable here with extremes of temperature too. A bonus to have time with the kids!

Jenn Jilks said...

Happy dance, you won!
Yes our grandies are home, too. My daughter is working from home, as was her hubby.

I just took my anxiety meds... I meant to say, I'm happy you are not hurt!

William Kendall said...

I've seen that Monopoly variant at a toy store here.

I think we probably got more snow in the city. I don't think schools were cancelled today- I saw kids walking around earlier in the vicinity of schools after what must have been dismissal time.