Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday Smile

A Saturday Smile for you or at least I hope so. I think it's a somewhat appropriate follow-up to the previous rotary phone post, at least a little bit. It has to do with age anyway.

When I saw all of these ointments (or are they unguents?)* on the bathroom counter just now, well ... I just had to ...

I recall the time when we were at the cottage, and I had to gather and arrange my various ointments and unguents next to the bed. I said to Sue, "Do you remember when we could just go to bed?"

*From Wikipedia: An unguent is a soothing preparation spread on wounds, burns, rashes, abrasions or other topical injuries (i.e. damage to the skin). It is similar to an ointment, though typically an unguent is less viscous and more oily. It is usually delivered as a semi-solid paste spread on the skin and is often oily to suspend the medication or other active ingredients.