Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Witless Wednesday

It's 11AM, and I find myself in the tire shop getting those dang snow tires off and the all seasons on. It's late in the season but a little early this year because we are expecting snow tomorrow. But that's life.

I have brought my ipad along so that I can read and while away the time whilst I wait. I already know that the library app on my tablet doesn't give me a large font, but I have recently found a bold font at least, so I am willing to try again. But man a'livin, that's awfully small for these aging eyes. The following page grab is not much smaller than my ipad screen, so you can see what I'm up against.

This library reading app is obviously buggy. Whether I view small text, medium text or large text, the size remains constant. The only change is that the lines get farther apart. Big flippin deal.

But for a good book I just might be willing to persist. But then I come to this paragraph, which is hopefully enlarged enough for you to read. It's awful. The rest of the page is just as bad. I cannot continue. (You can click to enlarge the image if you need to, but just read a bit of this if you will.)

So, I look around for an alternative use of my time and spot a magazine, the current April 2018, special edition on Race of National Geographic. I am interested in what I am able to read before the car is ready and decide that I will go the the pharmacy to purchase copy on my way home. I know they have a magazine section and that they display NG .

But no, not this edition. There are 2 different NG mags on the rack, but not this one.

But I have a prescription to pick up, so it's not a wasted trip. I know that it's ready because they emailed me. The pickup line is interminable, so I walk over to the grocery section for coffee cream. They were all out of creamer yesterday, but I'll pick up a quart today. Still out. That's three strikes. So I'm out too.

Back at the house, I open the trunk to unload the tires.

I can hardly believe the hodgepodge mess. I mean, I stacked them so neatly when I dropped them off. It's simple, you stack 3 tires, flat on top of each other which allows you enough space to roll the 4th one neatly in beside them because there's not enough space to stack 4 in one pile. I said neatly. This is not neat.

One presumes that the same fellows who took out the summer tires, and therefore saw how a sane person might stack them, were the ones who put back the winter tires. And even if not, like man, you're doing this for a living, and surely to goodness this is not the first set that you've ever changed. Surely. To. Goodness.

On top of that, I had already paid $10 more than last years fee for this very same service and $20 than I used to pay about a decade ago. Sigh: price up, service down.

Back at home we have lunch, Sue and I. With our lunch we have tea, which is our usual thing. We do this even though tea affects me. You've heard of that grocery store, A&P? My bod reacts to tea ... well let's just say that it's T&P. Seriously, I seem to eliminate about the equivalent of that one mug about 4 times within about an hour and a half of consuming it. I am not exaggerating, or at least not so very dang much. I don't understand why this is so, but it's the way that my bod works. Or doesn't work. Yeah, that's it: doesn't work.

So, needless to say, when I feel the afternoon drowsies coming on, I try to go with the figurative flow and have a little siesta. But that's the problem. The literal flow keeps forcing me to visit the commode. In the end, I give up and get up and write up this post.

I am calling this post Witless Wednesday. For rather obvious reasons.


Marie Smith said...

our tire change went up $20 in the last year! That’s a bit much!

Mage said...

But you got it all done....some over and over. Why not skip the tea and just nap?

Jenn Jilks said...

OMG, what a day. We had a bit of a disaster day, not as bad as yours. Hubby said if we didn't go home he was going to hit somebody! The kid, flying around the grocery store (you know the one in CP, beside the vet and the coffee shop?), with a little cart on wheels. I thought we were going to get hit with the cart. Removing the snow tires is our next chore.

Jenn Jilks said...

P.S. We love Wallander, too.