Saturday, April 07, 2018

It Really is a Small World After All

Recently, a friend signed me up for a FB group mostly dedicated to posting remembrances of Ville St Laurent, part of Montreal where I lived for 8 years as a boy.

We then moved to Toronto in 1962 when I was still 14 (just a few days from turning 15), which makes me young, so I don't remember some things such as particular street names as much as those who lived there into adulthood (and perhaps are still there although it would seem to be precious few).

But memories were evoked, such as a photo of the #17 streetcar which [almost] went right by our door.

Montreal switched completely to buses sometime in the late fifties, but whether it was by bus or tram, we always had to change at Garland Terminal (below) to go anywhere. At least once a week, up until 1960 at least, we would change from #17 to either #65 or #48 to go to church on Sunday. It was  a fair trek to church.

Another streetcar photo from fairly near our house. We would have been back a few blocks.

And then I saw this photo. It was taken in 1959, and at the time we were living in the apartment in the middle frame: the building behind the nearest pole. We were in the bottom left apartment (as you face the photo).

In the discussion that followed, my elementary school was mentioned, so I posted this photo of my grade 2 class from 1955 which is the year that the school opened.

I am second row, third from right making an odd face. I invited any others in the group to identify themselves. Two did.

One was Nelson, my best boyhood friend, just in front of me, seated in the first row. That was good to know because I wasn't sure from the picture, partly because Nelson and I didn't know each other yet.

The other person was right beside me to my right in the photo (nearer the teacher). Her name is Ruth, but I have no memory of her although I believe I can still identify a few other kids in the photo. It's a bit odd, I suppose that the three people to identify themselves happen to be cheek-by-jowl as it were in the photo.


Mage said...

I love it. Thanks for these memories.

Shammickite said...

Everyone is white! Although that's no surprise for 1955. My school was all white too.

Marie Smith said...

Those photos are treasures for sure. Your grandson looks like you!

Tabor said...

So Facebook has new venues to save itself.

Silver Willow said...

Facebook at its best....congrats on joining the group and getting those memories revived.

Jenn Jilks said...

I usually rode the subway in Toronto. Not the streetcar often.
I connected on FB, too, but didn't really know the people at this late date. It was strange. I did connect to the kids I threw a rock at in gr. 6. He's never forgiven me. He's turned into a Conservative, at the extreme! It was loathsome.

Wendy said...

That school pic brought back memories! Little girls in dresses with their hands folded in their laps. Little boys standing up tall, hair combed and either making faces or trying not to smile. LOL.

Bottom row, the 4th child ( a girl obviously) could have been me. I looked like that back in grade 2. But not in 1955. Grade 2 would have been 1957 or 8.

I didnt' know you lived in Montreal as a youngster. I grew up in Pointe Claire (west island if you remember).
Nice memories.

Jenny Woolf said...

Thing is about identifying old school friends, they all look like kids you have known at some time, or might have known. It seems hard to believe those innocent little folk were your actual FRIENDS! :) :)