Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Humboldt Tragdey

I think most people in North America, even non-Canadians, are aware of the bus tragedy in Saskatchewan last week where a truck and bus crashed at an intersection. The bus was carrying a team of hockey players in their late teens. The latest count that I have is 16 fatalities with many of the survivors still in hospital.

From Wikipedia
The tandem truck was travelling westbound on Highway 335, while the bus was travelling northbound on Highway 35. At the time of the collision, the roads were clear on a sunny afternoon.[8] Photos of the scene shown in a video released by a news agency reveal that the front of the bus was obliterated, while the front of the truck was undamaged.[5] One of the survivors described how the bus broadsided the semi, which was consistent with the photographic account of the incident.[9] The father of one deceased victim claims police told him the truck ran a stop sign.[10] The force of the impact caused both vehicles to come to rest off the highway in the northwest corner lying on their sides.[5] According to the RCMP, the bus carried 29 people, including the driver, with 14 being killed initially and 15 suffering injuries (three of them critically).[8][11][12][13] Two of the critically injured later died in the hospital.[14][15]

Hearts were touched and over 10 million dollars has been raised in support of the community of Humboldt.

There were other tributes. People across the country placed hockey sticks outside their doors because "the boys might need them ... wherever they are." It was a touching tribute of solidarity. Lacking a hockey stick, we posted a sign on the front door.

Then, we were able to borrow a hockey stick

On the 12th, people who had them wore hockey sweaters. The kids wore their sweaters to school. I had a sweater in the closet, and Sue was able to borrow one.

The pink bow was added for Dayna, the female trainer who
also passed away. (We weren't thinking clearly but smiling
for the camera is kind of an automatic response.)



Joanne Noragon said...

We seem to be standing often of late for innocent children.

Marie Smith said...

Great tribute, AC. The same happened here. It is a national response. Those young men were the country’s children!

Shammickite said...

Nice tribute. I didn't have a hockey stick or a sports jersey, but I shed many tears for them all.

Tabor said...

So sorry for Canada. Such a senseless loss.

Country Gal said...

It is a sad tragedy and I was so shocked when I heard of it the day after it happened on the news . I to do not have a hockey stick or jersey but like many Canadians I sent my prayers and condolences to them VIA a Facebook page they had set up ! My heart goes out to the families of all .

Jenn Jilks said...

It's been a difficult time for many.