Tuesday, April 24, 2018

JJ's Double Sleepover, Part 2

Once again, as has been the case quite a lot lately, the main raison d'etre of this post is for family records with Sunday being the second day of Jonathan's sleepover.

The weather was wonderful, so we took him to the park to play with his new basketball, purchased on the previous day.

He shot a lot. I shot a few, and I was not very good.

Sue took some video and photos, and I really like this one. Both JJ and I are in action; there is anticipation about whether the ball will drop; and the two of us along with the ball form a triangle which is a strong photographic element.

And a video.

Once he was done with BBall, he performed some feats of strength on the playground apparatus.

And then, he thought he deserved a Day 2 Sleepover Treat. Yikes! Another one? He settled on a hat. Thankfully, both weekend treats turned out to be relatively inexpensive.

With the day being very nice, and it being Earth Day, and also our lawn litter pickup beginning its two-week run on the next day, we all pitched in to do some yard cleanup before it was time to take him home.

But on the way home, we stopped at yet another park (this one near his house) for him to shoot some more hoops.

TThen we dropped him off and Buppa and Amma went home very tired grandparents indeed.


Marie Smith said...

You must have been exhausted but content!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Seems like great times were enjoyed by both JJ and Danica on their recent birthdays and enjiyed the tag-alonga provided in these posts, which are nice family records.

Shammickite said...

Yes, the grandies have lots of energy and can tire old farts like us out completely. Bed early after all that sleepover stuff!

Christina said...

Some of my most love childhood holidays were spent with my grandparents. I went on to spend long weekends with them until well into my twenties, when I emigrated, and visits became less frequent. I also went on a six week adventure holiday to Tanzania with my grandfather! Grandparents are the best and I am pleased you are able to spend quite a lot of time with your grandchildren. Fantastic memories in the making - for all of you.

Mage said...

But heroic grandparents indeed. I like the hat. :)

Wendy said...

Aren't grandkids fun? Takes you back a ways - quite a ways! And yes, you kind of drop into the living room couch (or somewhere) after they've gone, heave a huge sigh and either fall asleep or just chill for the rest of the day! LOL.

Nice basketball shots. Loved hearing birdsong in the background. :-)

Jenn Jilks said...

That is the best hat!!!!