Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Easter Monday

Easter Monday is a mixed bag in Canada or at least wherever I have lived in Canada. Schools government, posties and banks have a holiday as part of the Easter weekend, but no one else does. So, as their parents slogged back to work, we, the grands, had the kids for the day.

Just about the first order of business was to give JJ a print of him in his last hockey game. After hundreds of photos (although many many of the team in general and not just of him) I think I finally nailed a good action photo of Jonathan: in his last game no less. (You saw it here yesterday.)

He seemed pretty pleased with it, but it was lacking something. What could it be? What is he searching for?

Aha! The team logo: the logo for all of the boys minor hockey teams. See it in the bottom-left corner?

I thought I would like to see this one in blank and white. And I asked him for a serious look this time too. (Kids do have difficulty with faking a natural smile, and so do I.)

Next, he went out rollerblading. It was pretty cold. In fact, when he went out again in the afternoon, it was actually snowing!

Then we went out for lunch.

As soon as we got home, it was time to get the roast ready for family supper. I peeled the potatoes while Danica peeled and basted the carrots. Sue was the overseer.

We do a lot of weird faces when we pose, so I'll post this of Danica.

Well okay. This one is from lunch, just to prove that weirdness is something that we do ...  just because ...


Marie Smith said...

A perfect day! Great photo for your grandson!

Joanne Noragon said...

You're loving every minute, G'pa. Great picture--and logo.

Mage said...

LOL And now you can make it into tacos.

Tabor said...

You have so much fun with these two.

Silver Willow said...

What a spectacular day!

Christina said...

Love your funny silly faces, so much fun!

Jenn Jilks said...

You folks are so fun! I must say Sue is always looking so beautiful!