Sunday, April 29, 2018

Buppa Does it Too

I have some more material to share from PA Day with the kids — from Sue's phone.

Phones are so portable and there so convenient. And they're great for snapshots and quick videos. But when there are several videos, and I only want parts of each, I must work with them on my my computer, and the process can be a pain in the neck.

Yesterday, I airdropped from her cloud to mine, but they still weren't all there on my computer when I went to bed. This following morning, I could see them via the cloud tab my computer, but then I had to download them. And this put me into another seemingly interminable wait.

Three of four videos downloaded in fairly short order, but the fourth is taking it's sweet time, and the fourth clip is the one that I want most because it features yours truly finding some slight degree of success biking those dirt hills.

But since I must wait, let's begin with this photo that Sue took of Danica and her knee.

She tried to navigate from road to sidewalk, and if you don't angle it right, you can fall. Which is what she did.

Meanwhile, as time continues to drag, here's another of Jonathan chilling on one of the jumps. He looks grouchy, but I think he was just concentrating on what the older boys were doing in the distance.

F I N A L L Y !

If you stick with it until the end, you will see me make it on my second try. I was quite out of breath though and decided to forego the return trip (over other hills seen in yesterdays video but not this one).

And a bonus: JJ and me playing catch.

I admit defeat for now. It took a day for the catch video to appear on iCloud on my computer, and then I couldn't manage to download it. I did get one confirmation that it would take 12 hours. This was for a 48 second video. I know there are Apple fans out there, but this is ridiculous.


Joanne Noragon said...

I don't get that cloud stuff. My guru keeps my Hitachi running, to keep me happy, but I know he's backing up my stuff all on a cloud, too.

Marie Smith said...

Well done on the bike, AC. You are braver than I am.

Hena Tayeb said...

Nice.. you are far more adventurous then me.
We are an Apple family.. but I agree as easy as technology is supposed to make our lives in so many ways it makes it all the more difficult and complicated.

Donna said...

Download times can be awful! But hey...You Did It!

Jenn Jilks said...

That is really fun! Good work, Grampa!

Jenn Jilks said...

P.S. The iCloud speed is more a function of your bandwidth, I believe. Your server, not Apple! We are limited when I upload too much!

Mage said...

Bravo grandpa. Like me, I pant if I don't get regular exercise. So glad I am back in the pool.