Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Throb of Life

Mr Sparrow flies off after a short visit.

Back in May, I first posted pictures of sparrows at Cuppa's birdhouses. Then, about two weeks ago, I relayed my dismay at their audacious goings-on right on the front porch.

Apparently, their goings-on paid dividends, for recent inspections revealed that they had built a full-blown nest in there. I had thought, in my typically ill-informed manner, that they would simply lay a bit of straw down on the bottom, but I was very wrong, my dear. They constructed a complete and elaborate nest right inside the birdhouse; it even has a roof (or overhang) on it.

Usually, Mrs Sparrow flies off the moment that someone comes out either the back or side door, but last night I was whipper-snipping right by the birdhouse, and I spied her beady little eye staring starkly at me. I deduced that she must have laid eggs, but I was behind the times, for Cuppa had a closer look later when neither Mr or Mrs were home, and she glimpsed three tiny mouths, agape and pointing heavenward.

It's all in the nick of time too, for they should be grown and departed from the nest when we are ready to convey their abode across the province.

I think it's all remarkable: the incredibly well constructed nest, Mother Sparrow's willingness to sit in there and stare me down, and the throb of life ever cycling. What a joy it all is!



Gina said...

Yes, I felt the exact same way about the family of doves that we had roosting above our patio.

I kept seeing the fledglings getting bigger and bigger, and I thought, soon these guys should be out of here.

But they just wouldn't leave. And they were pooping all over the patio, and I mean all over. So the other day, Hubba-hubba removed the nest and put something up there to keep them from building another one.

I told myself it was for the health of my family and my sanity. But I still felt like a home-wrecker. :(

AC, I cannot get my hands on a postcard ANYWHERE. It is long overdue for you to release the bated breath. Seriously, I am going nuts over here.

blue2go said...

How fun to find a bird's nest and get to watch the baby birds! I've never seen one around here but have witnessed several in other places we've lived and during childhood we found nests, of course.

Rainypete said...

We have an overhang in the yard that I want to close in but it's become a strange sort of bird brothel / housing project.

We get at least 3 nests a year now. It 's really fun to watch the little guys grow up and learn to fly etc...

Iona said...

Amazing that they would build a nest inside 'a house'. I guess they don't know that they're moving yet...

Lora said...

How special! I've never had any birds use my birdhouse, but a couple years ago I had some sparrows build a nest in a hanging plant on my second story porch. Very neat.