Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Colonel Torpidity

It is a well known fact that General Lassitude had a cousin in the northern army who rose to greater ranks. His name was Colonel Torpidity. By all accounts the Colonel was a brilliant tactician or would have been if he could have shaken off his lethargy. Alas, the enemy surprised him at nap time around ten o'clock in the morning one day and shot him while he was trying to suppress a yawn as he supinely cradled his favourite teddy bear.

Anyway, this old and odd couple, known as Anvilcloud and Cuppa, is getting a trifle weary of packing boxes, making daily trips to Goodwill to donate usable discards, filling boxes with recycling, and filling garbage bags with ... well, with garbage of course ... or trash, which I understand is the preferred word south of the border. And is it rubbish in the UK? Can't remember.

Tomorrow, which will be today (Thursday) for most of you, we are determined to put ourselves first and get out on the bikes, weather permitting. If we go in the morning (mind you, like the good Colonel and his cousin General Lassitude, I am not a morning person), we should beat the heat, which has been rather torrid lately — in the mid-thirties celsius or mid-nineties Fahrenheit. Those temperatures may well be namby pamby stuff for many of you hot-weather Murkins, but it puts us poor Canuckleheads in mind of what hell must be like when Lucifer is feeling particularly peckish. If it rains, which is a possibility, all bets are off. We'll continue to pack, but our mental health will deteriorate significantly or at least it would if it were room for any further deterioration.

So, what with heat and packing and all, I haven't done well with blog-commenting lately. I just now read a bunch of your wonderful blogs and only managed one brief three-word comment on one, solitary blog. I am reading, folks, but I find myself staring vapidly at the comment section before moving on groggily.

However, I did come across this rather useful site for those who are interested in digital photography. It's a basic Digital SLR overview offered by Canon. Chances are that if you own a digital SLR, you already know this stuff, but review never hurts, and you might also appreciate the way that it is put together. I think it would be suitable for non-SLR shutterbugs as long as you have an SLR-like camera with some advanced features. Click to explore.



Heather Plett said...

It's sounds like you're having the same temperature we're having. I rode home from work today and my face stayed beat read for over an hour afterward. And the sweat - oh, the SWEAT!

Thank God for air conditioning. And showers.

Christi said...

You've been to mine, haven't you? Well, I wouldn't really know. I had a whole conversation with someone yesterday that I didn't remember at all!

Gina said...

I love the word torpidity.

AC, I have been looking and looking for postcards and have found NONE!

Wouldn't you think a county fair would have some? Nope.

We are going somewhere Sunday, and I promise you that that is a place that will have postcards.

Lora said...

I was wondering how the house moving was going. So much work.

Enjoy your bike ride.

Melodee said...

I'd help you pack, if I could. Good luck!

Keith "Nurse Keith" Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC said...

My own ennui has struck me tonight as well. Here's a feeble hello from hot Massachusetts!

Dale said...

Thanks for the link, AC. Very informative. If I ever have money again, I'd like to buy a digital SLR.