Friday, July 15, 2005

Major Disappointment

This morning when I got up, I spotted the most promising note on the kitchen table. It was one of the yellow sticky notes. It said, "Turn AC on."

Of course, I thought that I was in luck.

However, both breakfast and the morning came and went without a scintilla of seductivity directed towards yours truly. No rolling of the shoulders, no waving of the hips, no batting of the eye lashes, no hint of the delight that was sure to be mine before the day was done.

No afternoon delight either.

And no special dessert following supper.

Bedtime: I am primed, grinning from ear to ear.

Says I, "So, hunny bunny are you ready to turn AC on?"

Cuppa gets up and turns on the air conditioning.

Groaned I, "Oh, that AC!"

Now that's one major disappointment!!



Heather said...

Heeheehaha! Now THAT's a good laugh!

Better luck next time!

It seems General Lassitude and his cousin didn't shut you down COMPLETELY!

Mel said...

Hardy-har-har. Very funny!

Gina said...

LOL! It's all about you, AC! :)

kathy said...

LOL Thats a funny one! I haven't yet read "General Lassitude" i will when i get around to it...seems here lately, I'm hoping around here and there...i stumbled across some interesting blogs...but I'll be back.
Love your Humour Anvilcloud.

Iona said...

You made my day!

Karla said...

Very funny! Thanks for the morning belly laugh.

Wash Lady said...
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Wash Lady said...

This reminds me of when I ask my hubby to "go turn on the grill" and I look out the kitchen window and he's sitting there dancing and feeling all over it, making kissing and groaning sounds. Its a huge joke with us now but the first time he did it - I laughed for hours.
For you? Perhaps next time? :)

-epm said...

AC, you scamp!

Very funny, hot stuff...

Dale said...

Wise guy! LOL!!!

blue2go said...

Ha ha, AC is cool!

Dee said...

LOL...I needed that.

Loner said...

LOL - be careful what you ask for...This was too cute!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I knew what the note meant.