Friday, July 01, 2005


And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.

If seven if a good and heavenly number, then I must indeed be under the grace of divine benediction.

Early last week, I was gimping around Butterfly's place near Ottawa with a bad back, and our bicycles were languishing in the garage. With little else to do, Cuppa and I decided to view some properties. We have been looking around the province for several years now but have never been able to find that perfect (or almost perfect) little place.

We began our search several years ago by looking in the country, near Riverwood, where we love to vacation with chickadees and any other critters who wish to touch our lives in passing (start here and look in January to early February blogs for photos if you weren't with me then and care to look). The first [real] blog that I ever posted, in May 2004, City Mouse or Country Mouse, dealt with this theme: of living in the country. However, after looking prodigiously at rural properties, nothing fell into place. For one thing, almost anything that we could afford was on a small lot. Who wants to live on a small lot in the big country? We wanted to have woods to walk in and trails to follow, not be cramped onto a city-size lot without any of the benefits of city life.

Then, last autumn, we turned our attention to towns near Butterfly and The Boy: near but not right there in the same town. We came closer but were unable to finalize an agreement. This spring, we more or less gave up and decided to start sprucing up our existing domicile, beginning with the guest bedroom and extending into a major kitchen renovation.

So, we hadn't exactly intended on even looking at properties on this visit with the kids, but with my back problems providing scant other diversion, we ended up calling a real estate agent. We looked at a few places, saw one we liked and, after mulling it over, decided to have another look at it the next day, Tuesday, the 19th. We put in an offer and had an agreement within a short period of time.

It's a little townhouse, a place without too much upkeep, about seven minutes from the kids' place. Several days later we drove back home: a seven hour drive across the province. We soon put our house up for sale and both received and accepted an offer almost as soon as the ink was dry. That was on June 26, only seven days after we had agreed to purchase our new house.

So, it is my fond wish that finding this 777 sequence augurs well: seven minutes, seven hours, seven days. It sure seems much more than 111 points better than the infamous 666 combination.



Dale said...

Big step, AC. But it'll be so nice to have your family nearby. It seems the Fates are smiling. Congratulations!
And have a great long weekend.

Happy Canada Day!

Lora said...

Congratulations! It will be so nice for you to be near your daughter too. We live that close to my in-laws. It's nice having family nearby.

Heather Plett said...

Wow! Pretty big transition! Congrats, and happy moving!

karla said...

Oh my goodness...I can't leave and bat an eyelash without something major going down. A big hearty CONGRATS to you and Cuppa.

What amazing news! I remember reading about the two of you thinking and considering a move and trying to weigh out your options.

Be sure to wave hello to Paul M. for me. After being out west with all the differences in politics there, I have come to really appreciate Ontario and our liberals. :)