Monday, July 25, 2005

Little Big Mouths

The grandkids continue to get louder and louder and drive Maw and Paw into greater and greater efforts to nourish them. Cupster has counted five beaks in there. Two seem to be more advanced and two less so. Now, when we approach the nest and talk to them, at least two beaks thrust themselves right up near the doorway. We'll try not to get too carried away, however, as we don't wish to overly interrupt Maw and Paw as they attend ever so diligently to their duties.



Anonymous said...

There was a wonderful mud swallows nest at the peak of the roof on this house when we bought it. When we moved in we were terribly disappointed to find the previous owner had destroyed it and cleaned up the area before moving out. Very disappointing, and illegal to boot.

Then, a couple of years later a pair of swallows moved into the eave directly above the back door where someone had stuffed some cardboard for some reason. We would come to their defense whenever a cat would come into the yard or the crows or bluejays would threaten. It was so funny the way they would panic and fly away every time we came out the door. Fleeing from their guardian angels. They came back every year, or at least their descendents did. Then, this spring we had the house painted in preparation to sell it. Forgot to tell the painters, and later discovered that they had cleaned out the eave. No more sparrows this year.

But we do have a line of wild, unpruned twisting junipers across the back of the property line. My neighbor hates them and wants me to cut them down. No way. The bluejays and hummingbirds nest in the dense branches, and I love having them around.

Iona said...

Ah, that's so cute. Hopefully all will work out for these little innocent birds and they will grow up to also become a Mr/Mrs Sparrow and have little ones of their own...