Friday, July 08, 2005

Shake Those Tail Feathers

Poverty, war, terrorism. We need a break! I hope this little offering provides at least a little breather from the world's troubles for you, dear reader.

Back in May, I posted a photo of these same two birds (I trust), sitting on this same birdhouse. Apparently, they moved in sometime in our long, June absence. I can see straw inside, and at dusk, I can see the feathers of a at least one sparrow, hunkering down for the night.

I took the picture of Daddy sparrow, and then tried to move closer. He moved off in some alarm and, evidently, signalled the imminence of grave danger to Mama sparrow. She popped her head out forthwith, and they flew off together, barely affording me enough time to snap her picture.

When I say that they have set up housekeeping, I'm not kidding. They are so comfy in their digs that I caught them doing The Big Naughty right on their front porch. I thinks that's simply scandalous, and I told them so in no uncertain terms. Then, they did it again.

In retrospect, I must commend both their quick restoration time and their joie de vivre. I have frequently been called a birdbrain, and I say, bring it on!



Lynn said...

Oh golly, what's next? Bird pornography on the Internet?

The bird house is mega-awesome by the way. I knew a guy who made very good bird houses, and he'd be envious.


karla said...

You better get busy and build some walls around that front porch! I'm sure they would enjoy a sun room with blinds for privacy.

No shame I say! What is happening with our wildlife today! Tsk Tsk.

-epm said...

They are so comfy in their digs that I caught them doing The Big Naughty right on their front porch.

Ah, to be young and in love again. Those were the days.

Ginger said...

What fun!

Those are the cutest birdhouses.

Lora said...

Thanks for the laugh. Beautiful birdhouse.

Juno said...

Love the birdhouses.

Personally I feel it's not so important where one performs the Big Naughty as long as it is done with grace and enthusiasm. ;)

Gina said...

Oh, are you going to leave the birdhouses there when you move?

dan said...

Those look like his and hers birdhouses. Cool.

Peterson Toscano said...

So glad these two birds found their places in the world.

gemmak said...

Fab picture, a welcome break from the war and terrorism etc. :o)