Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Canadian Idol: Top Nine

See update below ...

I'm pretty sure that nobody who checks this blog follows Canadian Idol, but I don't care; it's something that I want to do — just for the heckuvit, eh?

This week, I have my top three, in order above from left to right. Two of them didn't make my top five last week. So, you see, everything is pretty fluid right now. I still like Rex the best overall, and I also think that he should outlast most.

Yup, that's my bottom three, simply based on this week. I have Amber, possibly the best pure singer, at the bottom. While she may be a judges' favourite, she was not with it this week, and she's going to have to deliver much better performances if she wants to keep going; she can't just stand there in dowdy clothes and croon soothing sounds. I hope that she lasts long enough to learn to deliver more because she certainly has the requisite vocal ability.

Based on cumulative results so far, I think that Casey, who has been weak for two straight weeks, deserves to go, but she may just be able to hang in there.

I thought that Daryl, whom I picked to go last week, delivered a very good performance and should not be in this week's bottom three. But I am a still, small voice who doesn' even bother to vote, so we'll see (or I'll see) how it all pans out on Wednesday night.

Update: Canada chose not to vote the way that I would have voted, but having said that, you vote for favourites to keep on rather than who should go. I often feel that results would be very different if the voting was done the other way.

Anyway, the bottom three were: Michelle, Josh, and Ashley. Josh was the first to be safe and return to the couch. Both girls were very emotional, but Ashley was the one to go.

Casey dodged another bullet by staying completely out of the bottom three. I think that, in her case, there is some very strong regional voting going on that is upsetting the applecart just a tad.



Gina said...

I am going to be oh so snarky and say that with an outfit like that, Amber deserves to go! :)

AC, yesterday yet another failed attempt at a postcard. You would think that a train station would have at least one. Nope.


blue2go said...

I've never cared for "American Idol" but it is interesting to read about those kinds of shows and other people's picks for winners.

Norma said...

Casey is best dressed. Probably doesn't count with that age group.

Loner said...

Isn't it just wonderful watching people try to make their dreams come true - I love those shows - never agree with the judges - which is why they haven't called me in to help judge!

Christi said...

I wish I could watch.