Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sparrow Watching

Mom and Pop Sparrow are keeping busy indeed: back and forth, back and forth, feeding three hungry mouths. If one can go by the volume of their cheeping, the little ones must be growing apace. I set up the tripod yesterday afternoon, and while my success wasn't huge, I managed to get this sequence. You can just spot Mr Sparrow entering the frame on the left, flying through (middle), and landing on the perch. He seemed busier than Mrs Sparrow for a while that afternoon, but when we were sitting out on the previous night, she seemed to be making two trips to his one.

You might wish to click on this photo for a somewhat larger scale view.

When Mrs Sparrow flies to the nest, she usually lands of the front porch and darts in fairly quickly. However, as shown in the photos above, Mr Sparrow lands on the roof, hops and looks about, then flies to the perch where he usually lingers cautiously before entering — except in the top sequence where he, uncharacteristically, flew straight in.



Lora said...

Interesting observations and as always fantastic photos!

Christi said...

I so wish I had time to watch birds! Of course, if I did, I'm sure my son would run them off anyway!