Wednesday, July 06, 2005

C'mon, Be Brave

In the spirit of continuing adventure, I have posted a back comment as a reply to other comments on my last post about Poverty in Africa. Some people have commented that they sometimes reply by email, and I have been known to do that too. Unfortunately, some of you hide your email addresses with great diligence. Read on, ye of the lily livers.

Seriously, well somewhat seriously, back in February, I posted that I was going to try posting a email link on my sidebar. At the same time, I activated my email address on my profile page. In that blog, Email Trial, I referred you to a page that would concoct a script that should do a pretty good job of hiding your address from probing bots.

Well, it's worked for me. That public address receives no sp*m. Zilch. Nada. Oddly enough, the address from which I write to people does receive a bit of sp*m. The odd thing about that is that I have never published that address anywhere. It has been harvested from someone's computer. Oh yes!

So, why not get all brave and try the script and post an address? If you do get sp**med, cancel that account and curse that %$#@ Anvilcloud.

I have lots of gmail invitations. If you need a disposable account, write to me. The link to my address is posted for all to see. Oh, I am sooo brave.



blue2go said...

No spam would be good. I reread your post twice and didn't totally get it. Guess I'm slow--don't know much about all of that. But thanks, I think...

swamp4me said...

I'll bite. You can toss one of those invitations my way, if you like.

Lora said...

Have you been reading my mind? This actually is something I've been meaning to get to, but hadn't had the time to look up yet. Thank you for the post and link to Steve Dawson's site.

Could you please send me a gmail invite too?

Rainypete said...

I'm so hooked on the gmail!! It's fantastic.

I've got a few invistes as well so if your demand is outstripping your supply drop me a line and I'll send them off.

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

You can get a neat little program, free, that changes your email to ASCII and bot proofs it. It's called E-Cloaker. The code looks like numbers and signs and the link is like this

Blogger won't let me use the code here, it translates it. It works great at keeping spam away for me!
I use it all the time now.