Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Day One

We went up for several hours in the afternoon. Both mother and baby slept or rested most of the time, and that's all to the good. This is one of my first pictures with the little guy. It took me awhile to relinquish him. Then, grandma took a turn, and by golly it was longer than mine.

And this is the first picture of Nikki Dee and Zachary together. Neither is at all interested in the other. ND did show some mild interest but no more than for a light switch or a what have you. In the picture, she's being distracted by the tv.

I thought Nikki Dee was a baby until today, but Zach's tininess almost flabbergasted me, and made me realize that she isn't. He's a pretty big baby too, even slightly bigger than Nikki Dee two years ago. My how they grow and change. We all know this in one way, but the tangible evidence still tends to surprise.

This is how Zach spent most of his first afternoon in this life (below). He's well covered in this shot, so his lack of a bath doesn't show too much, nor do his birthing marks. We can't figure out who he resembles yet: nobody that know. Stay tuned.

Then we took over the care of Nikki Dee so Daddy could go back to the hospital for the evening. She continues to amaze by naming various letters of the alphabet and putting the peices of both number and alphabet puzzless largely in the right place. She doesn't always get them oriented, but I'm still pleased. My name seems to be Buppa.

Although we're all tired, I wanted to get this out for family and friends. And now to sleep. I hope.


KGMom said...

AC--thank you for sharing this joyful time with all of us.
As for Nikki Dee--I think she may experience some jealousy--especially as she will be displaced in being the center of attention. But the plus is you can make special time for her--all the more enjoyable.

jinksy said...

I thought new baby looked boyish, but wouldn't have wanted to insult a 'her' by calling her 'him' if I'd been wrong! Delightful baby pics = only wish I could stand in line for a cuddle too. Welcome to the Napple Club, Buppa...

Amanda said...

Those are great pictures, congratulations again!

jinksy said...

And a special, birthday Haiku -

New baby sleeping
as family gather round
to celebrate life


Ginger said...

Congrats to you all on the new one! What a sweet face.

Ginger said...

P.S. after reading KGmom's comment: I'm told that when my little brother was brought home from the hospital (I was one year plus a couple weeks old), I walked up and whapped him across the face. We've been best buddies ever since.

Donna said...

He is Beautiful...Oops!hahaa...I mean, Handsome!!! Congratulations to you all!!!hughugs

ChrisB said...

I was wondering how ND would respond. I remember my eldest daughter trying to poke her sister's eyes, but it was just curiosity. Bet ND will be a great little helper.

-epm said...

I warm and heartfelt congratulations to all!

Mary said...


Congratulations! He's beautiful. What a wonderful addition you have to your family. Glad Mom's delivery was short and that he arrived safely.

I love the shape of his mouth. He is surely a keeper. You are going to have so much fun with him and ND will soon be paying him lots of attention.


Lorna said...

When I look at your photos, I always say to myself "Hmmm, I wish my family were like that" then I remember that except for the beard, we are.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... what an absolutely beautiful baby boy!! I am so very happy for all of you.

And guess what... my new grandson's name is also Zachary. What a quinkydink. :-)

dabrah said...

What a beautiful baby boy! What joy!

JunieRose2005 said...


He's just beautiful! That's a perfect little face!

Oh! I like his name too! One of my grandsons is named Zachary!

Little Nikki Dee will get used to sharing the spotlight!! :)


Linda said...

Congratulations! What a lucky boy to be part of such a loving extended family!