Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Meanderings and Complaints

Well, the Academy Award show was okay last night although it always runs a little long. For me, a song and a dance and the presentation of the five big awards would suffice. But my ladies like to see how the stars are decked out, so it's all fine with me. Just feed me a chip or cheesie every now and then, and I'm content.

Meanwhile, I have two gripes to post.

One: I went to a site that advertised in Facebook. They had a come'on that got me, so I clicked and answered ten questions that would prove that I was a genius ... or not. Except when I was done, they wanted the name of my cell phone provider and my cell number. Apparently, they wanted to send several IQ question weekly to my cell — for a fee of course. They wouldn't even give me a score without the info. Can you believe the cheek?!

Two: I am a dedicated Diet Coke drinker although I am making an effort to reduce my consumption. I had been doing fairly well until Zachary came along. Somehow, his arrival coincided with the departure of my discipline — for moderate eating too. Well, I'm trying to do better again, and with the price of pop (soda, soft drinks) escalating, I'd better make some progress.

While I don't normally track pop prices or any other kinds of prices, I can clearly follow the trend at our neighbourhood drug store, Shoppers. When it opened in the autumn of 'o5, Shoppers sold three cases for nine dollars — not bad. Mind you, one was required to purchase three cases to get the deal; one couldn't buy just one for $3.00 for example. Well, they increase the cost at the beginning of each year — 3/$10 in '06, 3/$11 in '07, and 2/$8 in '08 — to the point where in January '09, the deal is now 2/$8.99. Let me do a little math. While we were paying 25 cents per can five years ago, we are now being charged 37 cents per tin, which approaches a 50% increase at a time when the cost of living only rises 2-3% per annum.

I suppose both Coca Cola and Shoppers are increasing their profit margins every year, but a 50% increase is beyond the pale for me. We're in a recession, but it disturbs me that corporations keep escalating their prices without compunction. Over the past few years, one excuse has been the rising costs of production and distribution due to significant increases in the cost of fuel, but although those costs decreasing by almost 50% in the past six months, the corporations are still raising their prices drastically.

Yes, I do realize that soft drinks are a luxury item, so no one should feel very sorry for me, but that's just something that I happen to track, and I'm sure that most producers and vendors of most items continue to jack up their process as much as possible.

I must get back to what I was doing before Zach came along: i.e. restrict myself to one or possibly two cans per day.

But not today, I'm afraid, for I woke up with a sore throat, and ice cold coke with its little bite feels better than anything on my throat.


Mary said...


I did that same quiz and was quite ticked when they wanted my cell phone info. What scammers. ;-)

I used to drink gallons of Coke Classic years ago and completely weened myself when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I then took up drinking diet Pepsi, but seldome do anymore. I might have four or five cans a year. It just isn't the same and diet Coke gives me a headache, so that is out.

The price of everything is going up. It is shameful that some Canadians have to chose between paying rent or mortgage and eating well. I see that the government has been asked to up the anty on those living on assisted income.

Thanks for the comments on Brandon's trip. Yeap! He is moving forward and that is good.

Blessings for a great week.

Jinksy said...

I have a horror of both quizzes and coke! Guess its thanks to the war- I was an adult before I met Coke, diet or otherwise, and I was NOT impressed, so never got on the bandwagon...plain lemonade for me every time. Bee Propolis is great for sore throats - when did you last meet a bee with one?!

KGMom said...

I am with you an all counts here.
The Oscars--too long, though entertaining.
Facebook add-ons--what cheek. I hate that "give us your cell number and we'll tell you if you are a genius." You know what? I know I am a genius BECAUSE I WON'T give you my cell number!
And the rising costs or shrinking packaging is out of hand.

Donna said...

Scams...all of them! I get So put out!
This is Also a "Coke" the stuff..not the diet has the same ingredient in it that paint thinners do and one diet Anything is equal to three of the regular as far as sugar is concerned...hahahaa...sorry. Thought I'd throw that in...Happy chugging!hughugs

Woman in a Window said...

I love how they keep decreasing the size of a case while inflating the prize. Like I don't notice! Pretty soon it'll be ten bucks for a case of ONE!

Might as well buy the Buckley's now...sore throats can play hell with you, I hear!

Mara said...

I must have done a different quiz: my IQ is supposedly 138!
I haven't been drinking anything cola related for years. Caffeine gives me a major migraine, so anything containing it is off the list! I sometimes miss it, but the only thing I could drink is Diet Decaffeinated Coke and that tastes just awful: very sugary and very sweet...

Anonymous said...

What I hate is their sneakiness .. as if people can't see that the prices are escalating. It just makes my blood boil.

Thank goodness we have grandbabies to sooth our souls. :-)

Lorna said...

The good things, like coffee and chocolate and coke are going up in price, but I figure it's worth the little extra to continue with that little extra.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

We all get caught in a advertising scam now and again. Move on.

I am sorry the cost of your pleasure has gone up. Have you considered making your own.

I make my own ginger ale. I like it better than what the store sell. It is more like Vernors Ginger Ale than Canada Dry.

I hope they import soon the cola they make in Bolivia using the coca plant. It is Bolivia's effort to get coca cola out of their country. said...

I agree with you on all counts...specially the D. Coke. I'm an addict, pure and simple. I've cut back....but don't want to cut it out. It's my only vice and it's all mine!!!

Kila said...

Hope your sore throat is better soon.

About all I drink is water.

I don't do any quizzes and games on facebook. I don't trust those third parties.

Janet said...

That quiz made me mad too. I'm still trying to figure out how to complain to Facebook about it.

You're exactly right about Coke on a sore throat. Absolutely the best medicine. I don't usually buy it for the house, because the kids will want it (I don't do diet). I love the fast food restaurants that give you free refills. Although i may have to give it up altogether because I just read that Coke is no longer contributing to their employees' 401K plans. And given what you just told us about the rising prices, that CAN'T be justified!