Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Always Cute and Occasionally Quiet

We are overflowing with pictures these days, and that is tending to prescribe and/or proscribe my posting.

I had to go into the city yesterday, but, since it was also SIL's first day back at work since the great birthing incident, it was Mom's first day at home alone with the kids. So, we took pity on her by having the glorious Nikki Dee for a sleep-over and then taking her into town with us.

For almost the first time in the evening, she actually sat quietly while I attempted to go through a picture book with her. Usually, she is all about turning to the next page as quickly as possible, but she actually became attentive for a while. She is definitely a mover and not a sitter, but I was quite pleased to have her be so contemplative for a few moments; I rather enjoyed reading to my own kids, and I felt that we were getting closer to it that night although she does look a little impish in the photo below.

Riding in the car is another time when she's pretty quiet. I know that she strapped in too tightly to move around much, but she also seems happy to sit and gaze. She's wearing her extremely cute sweater coat; people often remark on it. It has a pointed elf hat, and she's about as cute as can be in it.

Once we were in the mall for my pedorthic appointment, Cuppa had to take care of her in her natural state — ie very active. Indeed, Nikki Dee reverted to her very active self and led Cuppa on a merry chase hither, thither, and yon for the duration. But then, she was pretty well behaved in the restaurant afterwards. She drew and coloured and munched happily (below).

That was followed by a stop at the library where she had a chance to work out some more beans, which involved much moving of things although we were enjoying a semi-quiet moment in the next photo.

Finally, she conked on the ride home. She's so active that it's a wonder that she doesn't conk out more often, but she does tend to resist nap time.

She's always cute, but it's really nice when she's both cute and tranquil.


jinksy said...

All Grandparents need a bit of time to recoup!

Anonymous said...

I just love how you make her visits so exciting and fun filled! It reminds of my mum and my son, when he was a wee one. She would make an afternoon so exciting!
Good job!
Nikki Dee looks very studious.

Mary said...


I had some catching up to do here as well. I enjoyed all the photos of Nikki Dee, Zach and Jay. If my world needs a bit of brightening, all I have to do is stop by to view your beautiful family photos. Great shots, all of them.

I love ND's jacket. Did Cuppa knit it for her? It's beautiful.

Take care and enjoy the snow fall that we're to get. Not sure exactly when it's to be here, but I'm not looking forward to it. Where's spring?


Mara said...

Love the jacket, shame we couldn't see the whole thing though.
I really missed the Nicky D pictures as well and the stories about her!

Donna said...

Sweet pictures Ac!! Hope you ALL are getting some rest!!hughugs

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

"We took pity on her. . ." ha ha! Who are you kidding. You just love having the little one tagging along wherever your go.

Janet said...

You're good grandparents! I distinctly remember the first day I was home alone with both kids after William was born. Ay ay ay.

ChrisB said...

That seems like a good balance of active and quiet times. You and Cuppa always manage to get such good photos.

KGMom said...

Looks like Nikki Dee gives you (older folk) a run for your money!

Woman in a Window said...

She is a cutie but imp does also come to mind. You can almost see her wheels turning!

Anonymous said...

I know it has been said a zillion times, but oh to have their energy. :-)