Saturday, February 07, 2009

Day Four

In order to help Mom and Dad get Zach settled on his first night home, Nikki Dee spent the night at our house. The first thing on her agenda this morning was to help me with my blog (above). Then, we took her to her Music Together session. You can get some idea of the child's uniqueness by seeing where she is in the following photo as compared to her more tranquil peers — on her own, dead centre in the circle.

Then it was back to her house where I was able to get some Zach time.

Nikki Dee is being pretty good about accepting the new family dynamics, but she does require a little reassurance from time to time. Below, she gets Daddy to hold her in the same way that I'm holding Zach, or as near as can be managed.

Nikki Dee has come for another over-nighter. Cuppa was up with her for awhile last night, so we're hoping for better results tonight. The load falls on Grandma because Buppa lost the ability to get Nikki Dee to sleep at some point. So far, he's doing okay with the baby. Thank goodness.


Amanda said...

It will take a little while for nikki dee to get used to a new routine, but she will be just fine. The pictures are beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing many more.

jinksy said...

Bet the blogging took longer than usual...

and did Santa leave those trousers in your stocking, Grandpa?

Donna said...

Awwwww...monkey See, monkey Sweet...I remember that happening to our Sami when William was born...You look.."in Heaven"...I'm So happy for you!hughugs

KGMom said...

I wondered if big sister might not feel a tad displaced. It happens.
The great thing is that sibs usually bond, and the bond is unlike any other. Your brother or your sister--if you are fortunate, they are your friends for life.