Sunday, February 08, 2009

Day Five

Day Five

When we took Nikki Dee home after her sleepover with us, we found Zachary in a new position — in the chair that used to be Nikki Dee's (above). She was quite pleased with such accessibility and made her was over posthaste. We didn't even have a second to remove her cute little coat (below).

Day Five

He was so accessible that she was able to shower him with kisses.

Day Five

Eventually, we all got our turns with the little fellow. Grandma enjoys hers below.

Day Five


Mara said...

He does look like a lovely baby! And I love the fact you're posting so many photos, that will be a lovely reminder when he and his sister are a little older!

Donna said...

I love these updates!! Keep 'em coming! I'm So happy ND got a chance to give sugars!! She's bonding and thats fantastic!! Cuppa looks Very content!! Have Fun!!hughugs

Mary said...

He is adorable. Baby kisses and cuddles are the most wonderful things in the world.


Janet said...

Oh yay a baby!!!! He's so pretty and I'm so glad everyone is ok (although we will not discuss 1 hour 10 - entirely unfair :) - ). I think Nikki Dee is about the same age as the Queen when DeBoy was born. Lovely picture of her greeting her brother. And not to be a downer, but do be prepared for some jealousy. It happens. But it will be ok.

Woman in a Window said...

Nikki Dee did better than my daughter did when we brought my son home. She was about the same age and I'm sure, for scientific purposes only, wanted to make sure he was alive. She went over and poked him square in his little eyeballs. It worked! He screamed. Proof he was in fact very alive.