Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two Weeks Old

As I've said before, I seldom seem to see Zach with his eyes open.

Two Weeks Old

Two Weeks Old

But on his second-week birthday on Wednesday, I really wanted to get a few open eye shots, so I kept checking. After awhile, I spied a tiny peek.

Two Weeks Old

And when his eyes finally opened fully, the young fellow did not seem at all impressed.

Two Weeks Old


Two Weeks Old

Here is a slideshow of a collection of week two photos, and here is the actual Flickr page.


KGMom said...

Love that punk hairdo. Looks like he will have some cowlick there in front. I can just see it--a 5 year old with hair sticking up.

Such grand times, AC. Enjoy every moment, as I know you (and Cuppa) will.

Lorna said...

I just went through the 2 week time-machine again. That's a lovely photo of your wife a couple of posts back.

Ruth said...

That sleepiness will not last ;-)
Nice big brown eyes already!

jinksy said...

Your grandson certaily seems to have perfecte the sleeping technique - quite good a yawning, too.

Donna said...

Hahaaa...What a LOOK!!! Precious!!hughugs

Janet said...

Harumph indeed. How funny is he?
Don't worry, he'll wake up in a week or two and then you'll be wondering what you were worried about.

Anonymous said...

So cute!! I love their million expressions. Just wait another week or two and you will be able to capture a smile.

새라(sarah),영준 (joon), 진우(jinu) said...

Happy Two Weeks! I am totally diggin' the faux-hawk!

새라(sarah),영준 (joon), 진우(jinu) said...

Happy Two Weeks! I am totally diggin' the faux-hawk!

Mary said...


Awww! He's so adorable and he's sleeping so much because he is growing.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. They brighten my day. I can't believe he is already two weeks old.


Woman in a Window said...

HA! That Harumph photo is hilarious!

Kila said...

Great photos! What a doll he is!

Linda said...

Oh my! He is a precious one!

Garnetrose said...

All that red hair. You know, I never thought I could love a baby as much as I do my granddaughter. I imagine you feel the same way about your little zach there.. *s*