Friday, February 13, 2009

Week One Slideshow

Here is a little slideshow of all of the Zachary photos from week one that I have Flickr'd. They may not all have appeared on this blog as Cuppa uses some, and we may also have overlooked a few, either by design or by chance. If you can't see the show below but wish to, click here.

We have some company coming this weekend. Sare will be bringing Zach's cousin, Jinu, who is about a month older. Having seen the changes in Zach in just one short week, I think there will be a big difference between the two babies, a difference that will diminish over time. Here's hoping that we get some pictures of the two together ... if Zach can wake up long enough.


Mara said...

I love the ones where he's completely swaddled if that's the right word. He looks so peaceful in those.
And are you sure it's your son-in-law: he looks so much like you!

jinksy said...

Looking at those 'baby' feet, I think you need to start a fund to keep him in shoes!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how quickly they grow and change. He is so adorable.

You think your heart is over flowing now.... wait until you see that first smile. :-)

Mary said...


Zach is absolutely amazing. I love those little toes. There's nothing like a baby to melt one's heart.

ND looks like she is keeping busy and it looks like she adores her baby brother.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Mary said...

PS. Jordan loved the hockey game and was ecstatic that the Senators won. It was a real experience for him.

ChrisB said...

I've enjoyed having a little catch up of all the photos I missed while I was away.

Laurie said...

What adorable grandbabies you have. It looks like Smudge is going to be a doting big sister.

How wonderful for you all.

Amanda said...

Those are wonderful pictures ~ he is just beautiful!
I'm glad Mother and baby are both doing well.

Janet said...

My favorite is the one where he's in yellow and is holding his hand up to his chin. Thinking deep thoughts, that one is!