Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cousin Jay's Visit

We had company this weekend, so I haven't thought much about blogging, either the reading or writing of same. Zach's cousin, Jay, came to visit. He's 5-6 weeks older than Zach, and that makes a big difference at this age. Jay is much more alert and aware and actually spends quite a bit of time peering at his world and the strange creature that inhabit it.

Cousin J Visits

Week Two

On the other hand, Zach (above) barely opened his eyes during the visit. He seemed totally unconcerned that he might not see his cousin for another year or more because Jay will be heading to Korea sometime in the next few months to be nearer his daddy who is doing his military stint. Sare delivered here in Canada but will be heading back to resume her teaching duties in the summer.

Cousin J Visits

He wouldn't even open his eyes for a photo op with cousin (above), not even when joined by Grampa, Sare and Nikki Dee (below).

Cousin J Visits

He continued to sleep through his uncle's guitar playing and all sorts of other noise. As per usual, however, Nikki Dee was enthralled with the instrument. Unk also teaches in Korea and is only home for a few weeks between year one and two of his contract.

The Unk Plays for Her

Week Two

Once the visitors left for home, Zach briefly opened his eyes (above), and it was only then that he shed tears for missing his cousin (below). Not even a cuddle with Grandma could cure his broken heart (two below).

Week Two

Week Two

Meanwhile, AC is a bit weary, so don't count on seeing too many comments from him for another day or two.


Mara said...

I love how his hair stands up in the middle: a little bit punk!

Ruth said...

So many beautiful baby pictures! You will have to start a studio. Little Zack has lost his newborn redness and is a real handsome fellow. Funny how a few weeks makes such a difference in development at this age.

Anonymous said...

I bet you could hear me cooing over the lovely pics from where you are. So glad you shared them. I'm bloggless at the moment, as in, no time and not many words... a rest will do us all good. Cuppa looks mighty fine too! Hope you are all keeping well.

Janet said...

The Queen is completely enamored of the babies and Nikki Dee. As of course am I.

Anonymous said...

Love all the baby pics. Aren't their many expressions just a hoot!
Rest while you can, Grandpa. :-)

Mary said...

love all of these great pictures.

looks like you guys had a great visit.

missing you all so much!


Woman in a Window said...

Those babies are beautiful! It amazes me how quickly they become...they leave behind newborn quickly, don't they?

And Korea...were there lots of tales? I was there for a couple weeks and immediately upon the mention, went right back. Heated floors, trampolines everywhere, pig heads and drunk Korean men peeing on the highway. Ah, Korea!

새라(sarah),영준 (joon), 진우(jinu) said...

Cousin Jay thoroughly enjoyed his visit too! I'm so glad we could make it out to see you :)