Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Samplings

I had to call it something, and although it's a long time until Foto Friday, it's that kind of post, so Sunday Samplings it is.

Odds and Ends

I've just uploaded the first two photos on Saturday to publish on Sunday. In itself, that's not new because I do often get a post ready before I publish it. Today, however, there's a new wrinkle. I'm doing it in Draft Blogger, which supposedly will let you pick a future time to publish an article. In other words, in theory, if I set the publish date at 9:00 AM on April 05 for April 6 at 6:00 AM, it will post itself at that time. This is one feature that I appreciated on Wordpress when I published my travel blog on that host last summer. With Blogger this feature is still in the draft or experimental stage, but it's good to know that they're working on this and other new features. Let's see if it works.

Above: a few weeks after Thesha bought a set of blocks for Nikki Dee, she realized that she had two M's and no W. Rather than return the used blocks, she contacted the company, which was quite willing to ship the missing block. Apparently, they don't often make shipments of such small size.

Below: The Bonnie Wee One does her best to assist me to improve my brain age. It did not work! Actually, I was trying to play Sudoku, and I soon gave up.

Talented Women in My Family

Above: Cuppa started painting watercolor pictures about a decade ago but had to give it up after she injured her back. She could no longer manage to bend over the paper for long periods of time. Recently, she has put her talented hands to working with colored pencils. This medium allows her to assume a more back-friendly position and also to start and stop more easily without worrying about her paints drying out. I am so impressed with the tulip as it is supposedly just one of her early practice pieces. Aside from just beginning to learn the medium, she was also beginning to learn how to color on a background other than the traditional white.

Below: Thesha has been learning how to go about making a scrapbook using Photoshop. She's created about a dozen pages, and I have no idea why I chose this one for my blog. Would you believe that this choice is simply random? No, I didn't think so.

Around and About

Above: you'd be forgiven for wondering about the relevance of this photo and the dubious sanity of someone who would post it, but it's very significant because the window is open! You see, because the window tends to accumulate a lot of condensation in the cold months, we sealed it up last December. But I opened it on this fine spring morning.

Below: on Friday, I cleared a path to the BBQ. Yes, I plan to grill a steak pretty soon. I may have done it by the time you read this. Even a week ago, I wouldn't have bothered, but we've had so much melting in the past week that it was no problem.

Four Breakfasts

I know I should hang my head in shame, but I must confess to eating four breakfasts on Saturday. I did tell you that I couldn't sleep past three o'clock, right? Sometimes food helps to change the equation, so I ate some cereal around five o'clock = breakfast one. Then I had some toast with Cuppa around 7:30 = breakfast two. It was past 10:30 when I began to hanker for a breakfast sandwich at Tim's, but I had to get there soon because they stop serving breakfast at eleven o'clock. So I did. Hurry, I mean = breakfast three. I took the sandwich and my extra large coffee to the riverside where I took the following photo. There were lot's of geese hovering around, but they were all out of camera range, so I settled on this one. I think that distant but focal-point building is town hall.

But wait, there are more ... breakfasts. After munching and sipping by the water's edge, I dropped by to see the kids and NikkiDee, who, unfortunately, was asleep after also having a very bad night (we should have gotten together). Theboy had just cooked a wonderful omelet, so I had myself a piece = breakfast four. In my defense (and I certainly require one), I hasten to add that it was a very small piece, and both it and the sandwich were really lunch. Really.

Crazy Canadians

Cuppa and I are always somewhat amused by the site in this next and last photo. We see it all summer: people sitting outside at a local restaurant at the town's busiest corners. There's no view and lots of fumes, but they're always there in good weather. However, I was shocked to see people sitting there Saturday — in their jackets — because it was only 50°F/10°C outside. By some miracle, I had my camera and snapped the picture from the car while sitting at the stoplight.

Now, let's see if this publishes itself at six o'clock on Sunday morning.


ChrisB said...

Well you definitely got it published at the right time.
I'm impressed this could make multiple posts!!

Cuppa is indeed very talented that is a beautiful Tulip.

I won't comment on the four b'fasts, but I guess I've had two as I had a piece of malt loaf with my coffee! You picked a beautiful spot for your 3rd breakfast~ I could just drink a cup of Tim's coffee right now!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your wee grand daughter is no longer a baby! When I saw her in here jeans and sweater my reactions was "Oh! she is now a little person."

People are patio sitting even though it is cool out because we are all desperate for some warming sunlight and Spring smelling air.

Donna said...

Beautiful sketching!! She's so talented...and don't worry about the four breakfast. Just add them together and call it one big one!lol...great pictures...especially the open window! AND the pit!! Grillin' means warmer weather! Have fun!!hughugs

Ruth said...

That's a lovely riverside picture. Open window and patio eating are fine with me at 10C if it is sunny and sheltered. I will have to check out this new Blogger trick.

Janet said...

I agree, if you count it all together, it's still less than the breakfasts we consume in the South (eggs, toast, bacon, muffins, cereal . . .). The tulip is beautiful, and the giant shipping box is hysterical and sad at the same time.

Cathy said...

Oh! That's huge! An open window!!

I'm with the crazy people. I've been having my morning coffee on my front porch wearing my polar parka.

Cathy said...

And another thing: That pencil drawing is so lovely! A breath of Spring :0)

Coll said...

Yay for blogger.. it seems to have published right on time.

We Canadians are a funny bunch and I would probably be one of those sitting out side enjoying the new warmth not caring one bit about the scenery.. just so happy to be out side and not freezing. :-) .. only in Canada you say.

Love the rose.. the shading has been done beautifully. Cuppa is indeed very talented.

dabrah said...

Cuppa's flower is really gorgeous. And i love the picture you took after your third breakfast at the riverside. The branches in focus at the foreground are just beautiful. Now, I didn't know about being able to select when to publish on blogger, so I'll have to look into it.