Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby Walking

My life seems to be taking on a certain theme.

My personal favourite.


Donna said...

LOLOL....How precious!!! Hang in there Grandfather...looks good from here!!lol....hughugs

ChrisB said...

Come on grandpa where's the light gone!! I think that last one is rather cute.

Lorna said...

first, I got way behind in reading my friends' blogs, then I got caught up on yours---spring seems to be doing you a lot of good.

I have to say I wouldn't be so sanguine about becoming the primary care-giver for my grandchildren, but then you're a lot younger than me. they sure do bring joy to life though, don't they?

Amanda said...

Help, i cannot see!!
She will be enjoying the walks and you'll be getting fit.


mreddie said...

I agree with you, the last one is the cutest. When I walk with my grands, it's more of a herding job. :) ec

joared said...

Cute grandchild and pictures. Little ones always remind me of when my now grown ones were wee.

Anonymous said...

haha the last one is precious!
"That's ok Grandad, I trust you to guide me!"
Made me smile this wet and miserable Monday!