Monday, April 07, 2008

On the March ... in April

It was a glorious weekend. For quite a while on Sunday afternoon, we sat out on Thesha's porch. It was sheltered and it direct sunlight, and I actually got hot, just in my shirt and no jacket. But I refused to move and soaked it up as much as possible. Days such as this occur early in every spring, often earlier than this, and it can hurt when the weather reverts, but I still enjoy it whilst I can.

I removed some snow cover from Thesha's little garden and found crocus plants sticking out. I love crocuses. They're tiny but incredibly beautiful and so full of promise.

When I checked back with them a little later, the snow had completely melted back from around the plants. Spring is on the march.


Anonymous said...

How lovely! They look like little shoots of hope, breaking through the ice! What a lovely sign! :o)

Donna said...

I'm So happy for you! Finally some Warmth!!! Enjoy it!hughugs

Ginnie said...

It seems like you've been in snow and ice for a very long time. I remember those times and am happy for you that Spring is coming.
Thanks for the blogging advice. I will persevere!

Janet said...

Yay!!! Your own flowers are here!

KGMom said...

I agree about crocuses--or is it croci?
Anyway, I associate them more with heralding spring than any other flower.

Coll said...

I too love this time of year with the new warmth and earthly surprises. Still not much bursting forth from our still frozen ground. I am trying to be patient.